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        Hello everyone this is one of my many pages. I have three other pages other than this one and I am proud of that fact. They are  Glowdoll's Party of Five PageGlowdoll's Friends Page , and  Glowdoll's Homepage of Hot Celebrities . I hope that you go visit those pages also. Do not forget to sign my giestbooks either. On this page and on those. I want to know who has seen them so I can give them feedback.

    Just in case you do not know which of course yu don't how would you. I am doing this page because my friend has one also on California Dreams. Her name is Nicole and you can visit her page with the hot links down at the bottom.

    If you do not know about California Dreams it is a show on  NBC about teenagers going to PCU High School in California (duh!). The show starts off with Matt(the head honcho), Tony(ba-boom!), Sly(money, money, money!), Tiffani(surfs-up!), and Jenny(what do I say...Rome?). The show ends with Jake(the head honcho), Tony(ba-boom!), Tiffani(I love you Jake!), Sly(money!), Lorena(I love you Sly!), Sam(I love you Tony!), and Mark(umm....hi I am Mark!). In the end of the show the cast is coupled like this

Jake-Tiffani-Jake and Tiffani has been together for quite a long time. They have had their problems but everything turned out better then it was when it happened (i.e. Junior Prom)

Tony-Sam-Tony and Sam makes such a cute couple! They have also had probems but of course they worked out! (i.e. When they were going to get married because Sam was going to move back to Hong Kong)

Sly-Lorena-This duo is one of the shortest of the three listed. They got together at the end of the series and they also make a cute couple. They got together because they were just aloke. They both LOVED money!

Mark is never with a "heavy" girlfriend. He has girlfriends but he never stays with them long. I hope you enjoy my page and everything it has to offer!


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I would like to thank Mel (Dream517) for the wonderful pics and as well as Nicole (Tiff2216)!!! I do not know what I could have done without you guys!

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