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Undressed Poll

"Undressed is the best thing that could have happened in the summer of '99! This show caught me off guard but I soon found myself waiting each night for the next episode. Two big thumbs up!! MTV better renew this show because it was so good. I am for it to be repeated so I can tape the episodes in order, it's that GOOD!!! "

"i LOVE undressed! its so bad its good..and super addcitive.. jana and rory were my favorites from the first season.. and so far i like mona the best in this one.. the show rocks"

fan letter:Eyal Podell, I watched the episodes of UNDRESSED that you were in and I was very impressed. The whole homosexual relationship gave me more of a view on a homosexual relationship. Not to be rude, but are you gay because if you aren't you sure did play the part well (not that it isn't cool to be gay because it is). Anyway I was just writing to say that I was impressed. Sorry if it seems that I'm just another annoying fan, I don't mean to be. If you would please write me back I would really like to see what your response to my email is. Mark PLEASE NOTE: I have no personal connection to the characters or writers of Undressed! Do not feel the need to write me fan letters or storyline suggesstions, as I have nothing I can do about them. Visit for the official Undressed site

"My favorite episodes so far are the ones with the strip poker guys and the ones where the guy and girl are planning to have sex to get back at their cheating significant others. Clever situations cool characters funny shit!"

" I loved watching "Undressed" for the Joel/Andy storyline. It amazes me how well the characters of Joel and Andy actually switched roles, while they both grew in the process of the stories being told. Joel was super interesting in the "brickhead" story. He was a different guy witty, clever and intolerant of Andy's behavior. Keep it up MTV, and bring them back with the rest of the cast! "

"I've watched Undressed every day since it premered. I love it to death. My favorite was the Joel/Andy storyline. It was so great, so interesting. I'm sad the show ended but i hope it gets picked up again later this year or next summer"

"Despite what others may say, I like UNDRESSED. Liz & Tin are very hot, along with Kiki and Jana. The show is cool, but the gay guys have gotta go. They should keep Joan and her girl."

"Screw the critics this show rocks! The puppets rule! MTV should sell them on their web site. Maybe I could get MY boyfriend to open up like Emma's did!"

"The character Jonas from Truth or Dare was the hottest!!! WOW"

"I love Undressed soo much and its my favorite show! But I cryed when it was over !!I love Brian, Dean, and Emma! Brian and Dean are sooo hot!!!"

" I watch undresssed to see Andy and Joel too. They depict their relationship great and show that their relationship is not different than others. I love their segment. I hope they show up a lot more on this show!"

"Undressed is a very cool show. Jana is sooo hot. And if was in Rory's spot, I'd be the same way."

"well i think that is the greatest show on mtv. i really like the the ones with andy and joel and i hope that it will not be cancled or anything like that i like the gay ones the best because they are really funny and cool so dont take the show away and please make more shows and new ones"

"I have to agree with a few other people that undressed is a pretty good show. I lkie how it is so culturally diverse. I think that is important in today's society. I also thinkn that it is great that they are displaying homosexuality in a good light and that all the gay people are not dying form aids it is mor realistic that way. It also does not hurt that all the guys are HOTT."

"Rory is such a babe and Jana is way to mean to him!"

"I totally loved the Joan and Sam storyline! JulieAnna Laffer(Joan) is a great actress, I saw her do Romeo and Juliet in CAL. I really look forward to seeing her in more stuff, what a hottie she is!"

" The story about Joan and her g/f Sam and Sam marrying her gay bestfriend. That was a hysterical idea for a story! Definetly enjoyed seeing a normal happy lesbian couple, that weren't stereo-typical! There was no 'butch' one, and they didn't do stereo-typical 'lesbian things.' The actress's that played them were a great choice. MUST keep them!"

"This is the best new show on TV, I am so glad that it is on everyday too!"

"I'm only watching it now for the Liz and Z storyline Joel, Andy, Cootie, and Dee all suck. My favorite so far has been the puppet love people and the Ross and Jenn story."

"The stories are all great! I love Rory!!!

"needs to be more the two homosexuals who have this nice upholstered apartment. how can they afford it? the show definately seems like an addictive teenage soap opera-type sitcom. i'm looking forward to see what happens next."

"Joel and Andy are so hot. I hope they are really gay."

"Andy, is so hot, I hope he not really gay! Does anyone know if he is / isn't?"

"Worthless propaganda obviously aimed at teenagers preying on their raging hormones."

"It's the BEST show ever!! I am it's #1 fan, lol"

The show is great. I think it's number one. The guys are so cool.

"Liz is really hot. all of them are really hot but she's REALLY hot. shes a good actress too, ive seen her on saved by the bell i think if she used to be on it."

"The storyline between Joel and Andy is incredible. Not only because it's one of the only gay relationships on TV in which the participants actually EXPRESS their relationship, but because they do it well. It's a wonderful thing to see. The show is well written, funny when it needs to be, and something I'll definately keep watching. (TV execs, take notes from this show as to what you SHOULD be showing on network TV.)"

"This is a great show. Clever writing and real characters. I'm forever hooked!"

"I am so glad Liz is nice now. Her character is becoming my favorite"

"I love Dean sooo much! He is sooo cute! Thats like my second favorite storyline. But i think they should show some more of the Liz and Z story. that was an awesome plot!"

"The Liz storyline was better when she was bitchy. Z is so weird and Yumi is totally annoying. I miss the fearsome foursome!"

" Undressed accurately portrays human sexuality and self discovery."

"Andy and Joel DESERVE THEIR OWN SHOW...They make the show so much fun to watch. They have showed me that being a gay couple is a very normal thing and have really made me see things clearly. "

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Joel and Andy storyline. I thought the actors did a great job, and it was a way cool relationship in progress to watch. I think they should continue their storyline!"

"Watching the Andy and Joel storyline made me more accepting of gay relationships."

"The show is awesome. It's about time that a show comes out that everyone in one way or another can relate to."

"I think undressed is the best t.v show to come on EVER!"

"The gay storylines are so rare on TV and this show is doing a great job of showing gay and straight lives and loves."

"I really love the show but want to know if Brian and Emma are getting back together."

"This show is fun to watch solely for the gay storyline. It is hilarious and, actully, very rare for television. It has depicted men in intimate situations including the ever-popular kisses which are non-existent on network tv. I watch this show for gay storyline. It makes Undressed worth watching."

"i really like the liz/tina part except that the sex isn't there anymore. Tina is a hotty. Also, I think the gay story is funny. I don't like how they are going to make the brother turn out gay, though. What a way to cop out of coming out. If only coming out was that easy."

"I think its a grea show and the only thing that would make it better is for it to go on for an hour instead of a half an hour."

"Bree Turner is a Goddess"

"Rory is so cute!"


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