New Season?

New Season?

"Undressed is a behind-closed-doors peek at the ins and outs of modern relationships. Each episode focuses on three fictional couples and what happens in their most intimate moments - it's juicy, it's steamy, it's not-to-be-missed."

The first season of Undressed aired for 30 episodes during the summer of '99. After it ended, its fans were left wondering if and when it would be back...

We (as the fans) are lucky to have Undressed coming back into yet another season, with all new characters, spicier storylines and an oh-so-clever "fruit" theme, courtesy of MTV. Most of the emails sent to me request cast information, which I unfortunately do not have at this point. The best bet would to tune into the MTV official website, as I know they will be posting some in-depth information soon. Thanks for all your support with the website, everyone!

-SUMMER 2000

If you have any info, feel free to email me:

Write to MTV if you want to encourage new seasons of Undressed.


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