Cast List.

This is a list that gives all of the characters amd the person who does their voice


The Voices


{Curly braces} indicate who provides the voice.


{dc} = Dan Castellaneta

{ha} = Hank Azaria

{hs} = Harry Shearer

{jk} = Julie Kavner

{nc} = Nancy Cartwright

{ys} = Yeardley Smith Guest:

{jah} = Jo Ann Harris

{mr} = Maggie Roswell

{ph2} = Pamela Hayden

{rt} = Russi Taylor

{tm} = Tress MacNeille

Regular Special Guest:

{ab} = Albert Brooks

{jl} = John Lovitz

{ph} = Phil Hartman


The Simpsons household


Homer J. Simpson The patriarch of the Simpsons family {dc} Born on 5/10/55 (35 years old) Soc Sec # 568-47-0008 Born in North Carolina. Safety Inspector at SNPP.

Marjorie ``Marge'' Simpson nee Bouvier Homer's loving wife {jk} 34 years old

Bartholemew J. ``Bart'' Simpson Their eldest child {nc} Fourth grade. Knows how to mix drinks (cf. 8F03)

Lisa Simpson ``Overlooked middle child'' {ys} Eight years old, second grade.

Maggie Simpson Silent youngest child. {Gabor Csupo, ys, Elizabeth Taylor, James Earl Jones} One year old.

Snowball The Simpsons' cat that was run over. All Simpsons merchandise is dedicated to the memory of Snowball I.

Snowball 2 The Simpsons' new cat.

Santa's Little Helper (dog #8) The Simpsons' dog. {Frank Welker} Adopted from the Springfield Downs dog race track.

Princess Lisa's pony, for a short while. {Frank Welker} [8F06]

Stampy Bart's elephant, for a short while. [1F15]

Snuffy Lisa's pet Hamster (died). [7F24] She's The Fastest (a.k.a. dog #8) The family's new dog for a short while. [2F18] Mothered 25 puppies with SLH.




Abraham J. ``Grampa'' Simpson Homer's father. Widower. {dc} Lives at the Springfield Retirement Castle.

Patty and Selma Bouvier Marge's older twin sisters. {jk}Both unmarried, 40 years old.Referred to as the ``Gruesome Twosome'' by Homer.Patty does not part her hair.Selma does part her hair.Patty wears necklace with round beads.Selma wears necklace with oval beads.Patty has no interest in men.Selma remains on the prowl.Selma was briefly married to Sideshow Bob.

Jub Jub, Selma's pet iguana. [9F11]

Grandma Jackie Bouvier Marge's mother. {jk} Very disappointed in Marge. Has a Marge-style hairdo.

Grampa Bouvier Marge's father. {hs?} Died in a freak roller coaster accident. Professional baby photographer after leaving the Navy.

Herbert Powell Homer's half brother. {Danny DeVito} [7F16] Was sent to Shelbyville Orphanage after he was born. Makes baby translator [8F23]

Cousin Frank Homer's cousin. Later became Cousin Francene, then joined a cult and became Mother Shabooboo. [9F08]

Gladys Bouvier Aunt to Marge, Patty and Selma. {jk} Passed away. [9F11]


Springfield Nuclear Power Plant


Charles Montgomery ``Monty'' Burns The boss. {hs} 81 years old

Wayland (J.) Smithers

Mr. Burns' sycophantic side-kick. {hs} (Some sources give ``Waylon'' as first name.)

Lenny, nasal-voiced co-worker.

Karl (Carl), Handsome black co-worker.

Ms. Finch, ``Not a man'' [7F15]

Charlie, spectacled, wears a lab coat.

Joey, Security personnel and local goon.

Chruser and Lowblow, hired goons.

Karl, Homer's secretary. {Harvey Fierstein} [7F02]

Smilin' Joe Fission, character in SNPP's public relations films.

Rodney and Roderick Fuel rods in SNPP's public relations films.

Blinky, 3-eyed fish from a river near the plant. [7G03, 7F01]

The Gammels, Burns' favourite family [7F05]

Aristotle Amodopoulos Owner of the Shelbyville NPP. {jl} [8F04, 8F13]

Hans, Fritz, Horst Temporally SNPP owners from Germany. [8F09]

Jack Marley Co-worker in sector 7-G. [9F05] Retirement.

Tibor, Homer's scapegoat for his accidents at SNPP. [9F05]

Gummy Joe, Fellow co-worker. [9F15]

Queenie the Duck, Homer's replacement. [9F21]

Bernie, one of SNPP's less bright employees. [1F02]

Mindy, Homer's co-worker. {Michelle Pfeiffer} [1F07]

Zutroy, temporally employee. [1F07]

Stuart, employed duck. [1F07]


Springfield Elementary School


Seymour ``Spanky'' Skinner

Principal of Springfield Elementary School. {hs} Rumoured to wear a toupee. Was previously principal of Springfield High School

Mrs. Edna Krabappel Pronounced /kruh BOP ul/Bart's fourth grade teacher. {Marcia Wallace}Separated from her husband. Has attempted to seduce

Mr. Bergstrom

Homer (!)

Joey from Aerosmith

Has had affairs with

the Master Chef at the Happy Sumo

Jose Canseco (almost)Has lusted after Gordie Howe.

Miss. Elizabeth Hoover Lisa's second grade teacher. {mr} In some episodes, Miss Hoover is Mrs Hoover.

Mr. Schindler, Art teacher. [7F18]

Mr. Bergstrom Substitute teacher for Mrs. Hoover. {Dustin Hoffman, a.k.a. Sam Etic} [7F19] Since transferred elsewhere.

Mr. Dewey Largo Bandleader and Lisa's music teacher. {hs}

Otto Mans The school bus driver. {hs} Also a bloodletting tech-dude. [7F22]

J. Loren Pryor, School district psychiatrist.

Mr. Glascock, former teacher. [8F15]

Coach Fortner, Alcoholic. [8F16]

Groundskeeper Willy Keeper of the school's award-winning play field. {dc} Made millions in software, but lost it at the track. Father hung for stealing a pig. [9F13]

Lunch Lady Doris, School cook. {Doris Grau}

Chalmers, School Superintendent. {ha}


Other schools


Ms. Mellon Bart's learning co-ordinator at gifted school. [7G02]

Professor Lombardo Art teacher at Springfield Community College. {jl} [7F18]

Bobby Peterson, Dean at Springfield University [1F02]


Bart's classmates and friends/Enemies


Milhouse Van Houten Bart's spit brother and best friend {ph2?} Blue hair, big nose and glasses. Not very bright. We've also met his parents, whom Milhouse obviously takes after.

Martin Prince, brainy class president. {rt}

Wendell Borton

Grey with curly hair, gets sick on school bus trips a lot. Also in the band.

Sherry and Terry Purple-haired twins. Their father works at SNPP. Smart and like to tease Bart. {rt}

Nelson Muntz, a bully. {nc}

Lewis, black

Richard, yellow with stylish grey hai