Welcome to the Nest Fellow Duck Lover's....
You are currently in the world of the mysterious little duckie named Mousy Vanderflock.....

Thing's will get weird, they will get silly, they can and they will get wild.  Now, now, let's not all run for the door. Time to get creative!......

Fan Fiction: !Coming Soon!

"A Little Mouse Trouble"

part 2 My origin....Fan Fiction come's in along Candy's "behind the scene's" time-line.

Character cast is : Wildwing, Nosedive, Mallory, Duke, Tanya, Grin,  (*are character's owned and copywrited by Disney. No permission has been asked or issued for the right to write my fan fiction) Marina, Gretchen, Erin, Lindsay, Freefall, And Matt, QJ, Majzq, Turbulance, & Zelda. My own Character's include Mousy (me), Sharky McGregory (Freefall's step cousin). Those are the good guy's. You know the bad guy's.

Picture's: I'll soon have picture's up on this page of the other's....here's what I've managed to get so far....

By me

SharkyBe me

CandyBy Candy Palmer

FreefallBy Candy Palmer

Wildwing's and the other's Picture's will be posted up here as well as soon as I can find them. Hope Lindsay's back so I can get a picture of her and Matt....Hope Gretchen got one of her drawn to...cause then I won't have to draw `em myself....

let's see...let's see...what else to post in here?....


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