More Sounds from "Friends"
Joey and his selfish beer needs
Phoebe's Bi-Sexual Song!
Joey - Some Girl Ate Monica!
Chandler thinking out loud!
Go to a Great Chandler & Monica Page!
Joey and Chandler - Count Rushmore
Chandler pondering Donald Duck
Chandler - Drunken Santa
Joey blowing off the Hockey Game
Joey in TOW The Poker Game
Go to my Tribute to Chandler Bing
Joey's weirdest place he had Sex
What it takes for Joey to stop having sex
Chandler - Maybe he was just nervous
Phoebe telling Ross off while giving birth
Chandler - Ugly Naked Guy got a Thigh Master
Joey's thoughts on becoming a vegetarian
Phoebe's Song about her Mom
TOW Steve smoking a doobie
Chandler bragging about his new puter
These are some sounds I use on my System:
Start-Up Sound - Hey Hey Good Lookin (Chandler)
Error Message - Dude! What are you doing?? (Ross)
Shut Down - Stick a fork in me...I'm done (Chandler)
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