*Quiz: What Kind of Phile Are You?*

Take this quiz to find out how big an X-Files fan you really are. Not all of the questions will have an answer that perfectly describes you, so pick the best one. Be sure to have a pen and paper to write down all your answers BEFORE going to the scoring page. ThanX and have fun!

1. Pilot is airing on FX for the 50th time. You...
A) have seen it before and would never mind a rerun of TXF, so you watch it.
B) are eXcited, because you haven't seen it yet.
C) decide you'll watch it IF you have the time.
D) break out the sunflower seeds! You've already seen it 49 times and can't wait to make an even 50!

2. When in theaters, you saw The X-Files Movie: Fight the Future...
A) at least 5 times.
B) once or twice.
C) only in previews. If you want 2 hours of TXF, you'll watch 2 eps in a row.
D) There was a movie?

3.Who holds Skinner's life in his hands?
A) We, the fans.
B) Chris Carter
C) AleX Krycek
D) The Cigarette-Smoking Man

4. Scully's middle name is...
A) Katrina
B) Katherine
C) Catherine
D) Dana

5. How many times has Mulder seen his sister since her abduction?
A) He has a sister?
B) Lots of times. She's in a bunch of episodes.
C) Once.
D) Never. It wasn't ever her.

6. Who said "Am I supposed to believe that's a real name?" referring to FoX Mulder?
A) His mother
B) Scully
C) Clyde Bruckman
D) Darin Morgan

7. Genderbender...
A) is a cross-dresser?
B) could have been better
C) was great! All the eps are great!
D) was a waste of film

8. The End...
A) made you cry
B) made you sad
C) made you sleep
D) made you confused

9. The Lone Gunmen are...
A) Meirs, Langley, and Frohykie
B) Myers, Langley and Frohiky
C) Byers, Langly and Frohike
D) Buyers, Langley and Frohiky

10. You're XF video collection consists of...
A) Fight the Future
B) most of the waves that are out and a few you taped yourself
C) every single episode and the movie
D) you haven't started one yet

11. The Mulder and Scully Barbie Dolls...
A) have a special place in Toy R Us where you frequently visit them
B) have a special place on your desk/shelf
C) will never have a special place ANYWHERE!
D) must be a new thing, cuz you've never heard of them

12. The Cigarette-Smoking Man smokes...
A) cigarettes
B) Morly's
C) Marley's
D) Morley's

13. You...
A) are a recent member of the Official Fan Club
B) are (and have been) a member of the Official Fan Club
C) would like to become a member of the Official Fan Club
D) are not a member of the Official Fan Club

14. You...
A) love to visit XF websites
B) rarely visit XF websites
C) have recently been introduced to XF websites
D) have your own XF website

15. Do you know who Ratboy, Cancer Man, Weasel, and The Foul One are?
A) Yes, all of them
B) Most of them
C) Only one of them
D) No, none of them

Now, make sure you have all your answers and visit the scoring page to add up your score and find out what kind of fan you are. No cheating!