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A Humorous Look at Sunset Beach Episodes During The Week of December 27th, 1999.

Welcome to the final Week on the Beach.

So, Sara and Casey have a little fun in the hospital. In fact, I think that's the most fun anyone has ever had in a hospital. Tyus finds them and releases Casey. They go to Hank and Joan's and the little garden/gazebo/patio thing. According to Casey, this is one of Sunset Beach's most romantic spots. He gets down on his knee and proposes. Hank and Joan, who have been reminiscing about Kansas, come out when they hear Sara's shrieking. All is good, all is happy, the Cummings roses are still growing. It's like the red rose when Sara sat on the swing and cried last summer when she and Casey broke up. Speaking of, there was a song that played during that montage, could anyone tell me what it was(morganrosella@hotmail.com)? Thanks =).

Olivia, who still loves Gregory, persuades him to give himself up to the police, because then he'll never get to see Caitlin again. After Jude wakes up he handcuffs Gregory. Annie asks Gregory if he ever loved her, and of course, he says no. But before Annie is able to escape, Olivia tells her they need to talk. Which they do.

Maria tells her mama all about Derek and Tess and that they are Benjy's mommy and daddy. Meg confronts Tess and finds out that the Nanny from Hell did have Benjy kidnapped.

Ricardo, Antonio, and Gabi face Maria and Carmen at the police station. They talk, not so nicely, in an interrogation room. Gabi tries to get Ricardo to let go of his hate and Antonio reminds him that they'll always be brothers. Hotheaded super cop will have none of it though. Gabi decides to do what she has to do.

Bette and Emily have a nice conversation about being mother and daughter and being happy at the same time. It's sweet. Their relationship is the one all mothers and daughters ought to have.

Maria is now the one confronting Tess. She asks for custody of Benjy. It takes some prodding, but above all, Tess loves her son and does what's best for him. Maria is going to file adoption papers. Meg promises Ben they can be together, just not until tomorrow.

Olivia and Annie start hashing it out over their little problem. Annie tells Olivia that she could have made her a lush forever, but couldn't bring herself to do it. Olivia is most definitely surprised by this. She goes home and sits on the new information. Nice Annie and Jude moment, you know I loved it. Annie asks him for his help.

Sara and Casey inform Meg of their engagement. Casey is welcomed to the family and Meg assures them that she and Ben will be together. Sara leaves the room for a moment and finds Casey and Meg hugging. She pulls a funny and makes them think she's jealous. Hank helps bring some of Sara's stuff to Surf Central along with her TV. What do we get? A fantastic montage of Sara's television inspired fantasies: The Jeffersons, Friends, Charlie's Angels, Mary Tyler Moore, and That Girl. By the by, the themes to all of those shows is the music played.

Maria and Ben spend the day telling Benjy about he and Franklin's new room and that he now has two homes to live in. He seems to accept it pretty well, history considered. Ben also has something planned, and after he leaves the house, Meg shows up to see Benjy while Maria goes to see Carmen. Apparently Carmen has seen a vision and knows her daughter will again find love.

Gabi tells Antonio, who's going on a priest retreat, that she's leaving Sunset Beach. She asks him if he still has feelings for her. We know the answer, so I won't bother. Gabi goes to the loft to pack and Ricardo, who visited with mama earlier, offers his help in a nice way. He's quite the gentlemen. Then he goes to confession.

Vanessa's father can't get to Sunset Beach to give her away, big blizzard in Oslo and all. So, super Doc Tyus comes in and saves the day. It's nice to see him in the final week not as a doctor, but as a character with connections to major players.

Annie and Jude again make love. I love his red sheets. I have red blinds, but not red sheets. I do believe it's an idea that's time has come. Anyway, Annie's excited by much more than her new boy toy (and who wouldn't be excited about him?). She has a big plan for Olivia, which scares Bette. Bette and AJ come visit, Jude is not AJ's son. Good moments ensue, especially between Annie and Bette. If they didn't have a scene between them I would have been quite upset. Annie and Jude get ready for the wedding of Michael and Vanessa. Annie's mind starts wandering as she's in Jude's arms and what do we get? More fantasies! A whole sequence of all of Annie's move beloved fantasies from the past 3 years. I love the writers for giving us this and the editors who put the montages together rock!

Olivia visits Gregory. She tells him she misses him when he was kind Tobias. He did love her and probably still does. He says he does have a heart. Olivia goes and sits by the Christmas tree and promises that her children will have their presents. Then, like magic, Caitlin and Trey are at the door.

Amy realizes that Sean will never be hers and her good friend Brad offers her a place to live. And we finally get an explanation as to why Brad likes Amy, besides her ample assets.

Antonio and Ricardo make up, even though there is quite a ways to go.

According to Carmen, the man Maria will find love with is Ben, because she kept hearing the word English. Maria is upset and Carmen leaves. Then Maria meets a man along the path of the beach. They start to talk and introduce themselves, and wouldn't you know it ... his name is Ross English, a widower with a five year old daughter. It's nice Maria has someone at the end.

Right before the wedding ceremony takes place for Michael and Vanessa, Ben asks Meg to marry him that day.

FYI: I have the radio on right now and I swear I hear the voice of Russell Meeks (He appeared way back in January of 1999, then again in March as a school mate of Annie's.) the Pencil Necked Geek doing a commercial for E-Campus.com.

Caitlin and Trey are there for Olivia and there is a happy family reunion for them, as well as Sean, who has Emily back. Jude comes by and informs Olivia that it was not him who instigated bringing back her children. While everyone is at the wedding, Cole comes back to Caitlin. As the wedding is nearly starting, Gabi tells Vanessa she'll be leaving, and Vanessa says she'll miss her friend.

Ben, proposing in front of the guests, wants to make it a double wedding. Michael has consented and Meg goes to ask Vanessa. While on her way she runs into Maria, who is a good friend, and says that she's okay with it. Someone might not be as Maria talks to Annie. I wanted a scene between them too. And a scene between Meg and Annie. Which they get, after Vanessa says yes to the double wedding. Annie comes in tells a skeptical Meg congratulations and that she admires her and she looks lovely. Then, in pure Annie fashion, she warns Meg not to hurt Ben, or there will be hell to pay. Annie runs into Jude and Olivia. Jude goes inside and Olivia thanks Annie for what she did. They cause a bit of a stir when they walk into the chapel together.

Bette and AJ go to light a candle and are approached by Amy and Brad. Amy wants to know about Sean and Bette dispenses wonderful advice.

The wedding begins and goes off without a hitch. Everyone is happy. After each couple is pronounced man and wife Meg starts to wake up in Kansas from a three year dream, she's about to marry Tim. Everyone is in the dream, every single character. Olivia and Annie have southern accents, Michael's in a cowboy hat, Benjy is now Tess' puppy who dislikes a flirting Tim. Meg tells everyone about the dream when the doorbell rings. Her "Uncle AJ" gets up to answer it, but she stops him. At the door is an Englishman with a broken car. She knows his name, it's Ben. Meg wakes up in Ben's bed after their first night as man and wife. He assures her that her life in Sunset Beach was not a dream.

So, this is good-bye from me to all of you who read this. I know I'll miss doing this and watching Sunset Beach everyday, the first soap opera I ever watched. Thank you to all of you, every fan, every cast member, every crew member, and every one else who worked so hard on the show. Most everyone who has a column on this page has said it, but we appreciate and will miss you.

The End



"Happiness", by Abra Moore off of her CD "Strangest Places" is played during Gabi's montage of Antonio and Ricardo


"She's a Lady" by Tom Jones off of the CD "She's a Lady" is played during Annie's fantasy montage.

You get my all time favorite Sunset Beach quote.

Ah, Virginia, you have attempted to impregnate Vanessa with a turkey baster. Now she needs to find out of Vanessa is in deed pregnant. Dressed as an FBI agent she demands urine samples from every employee at the paper. She gets all but Bette and Vanessa. Here's what Bette has to say when she finds out about the samples.

"Whatever happened to privacy? Geez, two people can't even enjoy a cigar these days without it ending up on the internet."

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