Who is that Girl?

Everything you wanted to know about me.....but were afraid to ask. =)

REAL NAME: Jennifer Mary (If I told you my last name, I'd have to kill you) but no one calls me Jennifer, EVER! I won't even respond to it. Jen or Jennie (or one of my nicknames, which I can't post here unless I want this page rated PG-13) are all I'll answer to.
DATE OF BIRTH: March 18th, 1980 (which makes me 18 now)
PETS: Poodle named Itey, Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot named Reno.
FAMILY: parents, plus one sister
FAVORITE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES: Seth Green & Alyson Hannigan (duh!), Michael Goorjian, Christian Bale, the rest of the "Buffy" cast, Claire Danes, Rosie O'Donnell, Jodi Foster, Gabriel Damon, Matt Lillard, Jamie Kennedy
FAVORITE MOVIES: Newsies, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Dancer Texas Pop:81, Can't Hardly Wait, Austin Powers, Toy Story
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Larry Sanders Show, ER, Party of 5
FAVORITE MUSIC: I love most types of music, but right now, my favorites are Matchbox 20, the entire Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack, Smash Mouth, Four Star Mary (the awesome band that provides the music for 'Dingoes Ate My Baby' on BUFFY), and the Armegeddon soundtrack.
PET PEEVES: cligny annoying ex-boyfriends(long story!), really happy people (there has to be something wrong with them!), gum cracking, people who try to be something they're not, oprea (althought I LOVE musical theater).

Odd Stuff:
Best Buds (in real life): Marcia, Charlene, Amy, Trey, Matt, Randy
Best Buds (on line): Sarah, Amy, Susan and the rest of the *original* Newsies mailing list (back in the good old days), Drew, Samantha (Ms. Disappear without a trace), Ele (another Ms. Disappear without a trace)
First Kiss: Hmmmmm...Grade 2. I was one of three girls on a baseball team and we had the guy fighting over us all the time. It was cute. I kissed one guy (who was also in my class) in the bushes behind homeplate.
Weirdest Experence: 4 and a half years ago, my high school's play made it to the highest level of competion it could and we went away for a week to this college. On the last night there (there were 11 other schools), we had a huge game of Spin the Bottle. I kept getting the same guy. He was dressed all in back (with black lip stick) and he kept licking my face.
What I Look For in a Guy (but can never find!): Honesty, sense of humor (very important, I'm such a joker!), intellengence, romantic, NOT A STALKER! (long story having to do with an ex.)
How I got my nickname: Well, if you've been to my Newsies webpage, you'll notice I'm a fan of Michael Goorjian (as well as run his fan club), who played 'Skittery' in the movie. In the movie, Skittery is always in "a bad mood", and my friend Randy started calling me that when I was having a bad day. Also, "Whoa...I didn't do it!" (as Skittery says in the movie) can be heard coming out of my mouth daily!

Words of Advice (from me and some friends)
** NEVER date guys names Mike, Trey, Troy, Steve, Bob, Jeff, Scott, Brad, Paul, Josh or John!!
** "The words I speak today are soft, for I may have to eat them tomorrow"
** "If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullsh*t"

On the first day of school, we had to fill out this 'getting to know you' thing (pretty lame for grade 13!!). Here is what mine looked like (with things like name and age and other stuff found above taken out).
Hair Colour:
naturally, it's dark brown, almost black. Right now, it's reddish blonde.
Eye Colour: Brown
What is your greatest personality trait?: Hmmmmm....I guess my sense of humor.
What is your favorite phycial feature (on you): Hmmmm.....I guess my eyes. I don't know!!
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?: I guess my uncany ability to get sick and land in the hospital. But, I figure that since I've had so much wrong with me at such a young age, I'll never get sick when I'm old.
What was your scariest experience?: When I was in grade 6, I developed a 'virus' (as they doctors called it) that made my right leg useless, no feeling or anything from the hip down. For months, the doctors had no idea what it was. I was on crutches for almost two months before it cleared up by itself. When I was in th hospital getting all these tests done, I was really scared. I mean, it was bad enough they couldn't cure it, but they had no clue what it was or if it would ever go away.
What are your academic goals for this year?: Aiming for high marks so I can get into the college I want.
What are your extra-curricular goals for this year?: Journey Technical Director (for Caf Show), choir, band, playing Dulice in "The Boyfriend" (school musical) and Grad Club.
(Journey is a tradition at our school. It's like a rock concert, dance recital and more rolled into one. It's all student produced and it's really cool. It's the 30th anniversary this year.)
Classes I'm taking this year: World Issuse, Modern Western Civilizations, Choir, Band, Parenting
Where do you see yourself a year from now?: Hopfully going to the local (since I can't afford to live in a dorm) college, studying Social Services, musical theater or media. I can't decide what I want to do.
What work/volunteer work do you do (if any)?: I do a LOT of babysitting. Also, I volunteer at the local hospital, and with a group called CradleLink. At CradleLink, I was teamed up with a young, first time mother. I go over whenever I can and help out. I usually take care of the baby while the mother cleans, goes shopping, or just goes for a walk to get away for a while. It's really great. I also work at a local community center, teaching drama to children.


Pic #1- me outside the FBI building in Washington D.C. March 1998. I'm wearing my friend Adam's hat. This road thing was the best we could do as we got kicked off FBI properity. :)

Pic #2- my school pic taken in October 1997 (grade 12). Sorry about the dorky border, but I don't have an editor to get rid of it.

Pic #3- This is me (after a long hot day. Looking pretty bad!), and Steve (AKA Bumlets) who is a friend of mine off a Newsies mailing list. We met in Historic Jamestown in March 1998.

Pic #4- This pic is from my school's play when I was in grade 11. we modernized A Mid Summer Night's Dream into A Mid July Night's Vision. I was a singing Mushroom Fairy named Chanterelle. I'm the second mushroom, basically center in the pic.

Pic #5- my school picture from Grade 12 (last year). Coloured using Paint Shop Pro

School Pics - Taken September 16th, 1998 during a spare period. It's me with my short hair. Also, the colour is red (naturally dark brown, almost black).

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