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**In "IT", Seth's character is attacked by a werewolf........In "Buffy", Seth's character IS a werewolf....In "SeasQuest, his character was called 'Wolfman'.......Coincidence?

**10 years ago, Seth and Alyson dated in the movie "My Stepmother's An Alien".......Now, Seth and Alyson are dating on "Buffy"......Coincidence?

**In "IT", Seth's character says something about the warewolf almost having his "guts for garters".......In "Buffy", one of the bad guys Seth's character is against says "Talk, and I'll have your guts for garters." ............ Coincidence?

**In the book Blooded in the Buffy Series, Buffy and Willow's math teacher is named Miss Hannigan as you know already Willow's actor's name is Alyson Hannigan......Conindence?(thanks to Allie for this one)

**Although it ended up on the cutting room floor, Seth Green was in the Buffy movie. Now, he's in the Buffy tv series......Coincidence?

**The Buffy hair stylists name is Lisa Marie ROSENBERG.....Coincidence? (submitted by Shannon)

**Larry Bagby III (Larry on Buffy)was in "Airborne" (1993) with Seth Green......Coincidence?

**Seth and Juliet were both in "Pump Up The Volume (1990).....Coincidence? (Note, I can't find Juliet in the movie, but she is there. If you can tell me where she is I'd be very thankful!)

Coincidences Between Buffy and Newsies

As some of you may know, my other homepage is about the Disney Musical "Newsies". Since I know a lot of people have seen both, I have noticed some coincidences between them. Here they are.

**Bad guys named Snyder. Buffy-Principal Snyder, the evil troll who loves to see Buffy and her friends in trouble. Newsies-Warden Snyder, the evil jailer who loves to see Jack in trouble......Coincidence?

**The mayor! Buffy-The mayor works with Snyder, Trick and who knows who else to destroy the Slayer. Newsies-The mayor works with Pulitzer and Snyder to bring the newsies down......Coincidence?

**Bad Hair. Buffy-Xander's hair sucked first season, then got better. Newsies-All the newboys (especially Jack and Spot) have disgusting hair when we first meet them, but it gets a little better as the movie goes on......Coincidence?

**Short guys packing mighty punches. Buffy-Oz, although much shorter than Xander, knocks him flying when he thinks he hurt Willow. Newsies-Spot, although shorter than everyone in the movie(except maybe Les, Boots and Snipeshooter), beats the crap outta lots of people.....Coincidence?

**Hotties! Buffy-The entire cast is cute! Oz, Angel, Xander, Spike, heck, even Giles is cute! Newsies-Can we say DROOL! I mean, just look at Skittery(yeah, where my nickname came from), Jack, Spot, Kid Blink, Mush...the list could go on and on.....Coincidence?

**Weird names. Buffy-Seriuosly...Buffy? Willow? Angelus? Oz? Rupert Giles? What were their parents thinking? Newsies-Although only nicknames, who would want to be called Mush? Specs? Bumlets? Pie Eater? Snitch? Itey? There are SO many more too!......Coincidence?

**Larry Bagby III (Larry on Buffy) was in "Hocus Pocus" which was directed/choregraphed by Newsies director/choregrapher Kenny Ortega.......Coincidence?

Thats it for now. More soon!