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I am no longer putting banners up. They take too long to load. I'm also putting some comments beside the links, so you know what to expect at each page.

Skittery Recomended Sites -- These are sites I visit regularly. They have ** beside them.

Willow & Oz Links

**Willow & Oz!-a cool page with fanfic, upcoming appearences, pics, Willow & Oz history and more!

**We Make Our Own Fun-a supercool page! My favorite (Pixie, you rule). Fanfic, pics, survey, People for Willow & Oz Smoochies and more

A Warewof In Love: A Willow And Oz Shipper Page-not much here except links to other Willow and OZ pages

Laura's Willow & Oz Page-A nice W/O page. Has regular and manipulated pics, fanfic, reviews, clubs and more.

Full Moon Rising-A Newsletter sent out by fans for fans. Here you can sign up for it and read past issues.

Witches and Werewolves-Includes Willow and Oz's favorite links, facts and myths about witches and werewolves, pictues, upcoming apperances and more.

Werewold Meets Witch-Includes Top 5 Willow & Oz moments, Episode Guide, info on Aly and Seth, links and more.

**Freeze Frame - Willow Kissage - Just starting out, but this is going to be a great site. Images, quotes, interactive stuff and more (And I was voted "Site of the Week", so it gets extra points in my book!

Willow/Alyson Links

**The Ultimate Willow Fan Page-This site lives up to it's name! All the info you'd ever want on Alyson and Willow. Pics, bi0, articles, info on upcoming projects, games and more!

The Willow Keepers-A must for any Willow fan. I love being a keeper.

The Ultimate Tribute to Alyson Hannigan-This page doesn't really live up to it's name. Basic info and pics

Everything I Need To Know In Life I Learned Watching Willow-Very funny. Check it out

** WPWP homepage (We Possess Willow Power)-I'm a member (so are Alyson and Joss)! Also includes stuff like Frog Fear Much?, Joss says and more

Ken's Alyson Hannigan & Charisma Carpenter Homepage-Basically just a few quotes and pics.

Alyson Hannigan Idolatry Shrine">-You want Alyson movies? Go here! Clips from Buffy episodes as well as My Stepmother's An Alien

Oz/Seth Links

**The OFFICIAL Seth Green Site-It's official, go there! All the Seth info you'll ever need!

The Seth Green Site-Nice layout, although it doesn't seemed to be updated much. Fanfic, pics, bio and more

The Wonderful World of...Oz!-Want to send an Oz postcard? Go here. It's not updated much, but is still fun. Also has fanfic, Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Oz (I didn't copy it. Mine is different), quotes, pics and Oz Keepers and Guardian Angels

**The Oz Gateway-Love this page! Fanfic, chat, transcripts and screen shots from Buffy, as well as Seth's commericals and short-lived television series.

Lovers of Xander and Oz-Bio, quotes and pics of Seth and Nicky

Obsessively Oz-Not updated often, but includes reasons why Oz is better than Xander and Angel, Adopt a Dingoe pics, sounds and more.

The Shrine Of Seth-Lots of stuff here. Fanfic, bio, filmography, pics and more

We Want Oz And His Van Club-I'm member #68 (Seth and Joss are also members). Also includes pics of Torrence High School, the Scooby Factor and the Star Wars Connection (both are funny)

** Seth Green Wav Gallery_Seth sounds, lots of Seth sounds. Wavs from various television and movie appearences

Seth Til Death-A great page, but takes a really long time to load. Includes bio, pics, a game, filmography and more

Realm of Seth-Includes Seth-Aholics (Of which I am the Treasurer!), pics, trivia, bio, a game and much more!

The Boys of Sunnydale-An awesome site run by my friend GriffenGirl. Info on Seth, David, Nicky and James. Also has a poll, quiz, links and more

The Official Seth Green Mega-Link Page-Large collection of Seth Green links.

Julia's Seth Green Corner-Lots fo info on Seth. Has a bio, pics, info on films, a poll and more.

Nice graphics and layout. Has info on Seth, games, pictures, postcards, fan club and more.

Sunnydale Directory: Seth Green-A small collection of Seth, Oz and Willow & Oz links, as well as links to pages about Seth's movies.

I Dream in Green-A nice page with a bio, quotes, upcoming appearances and more. The green on green gets a little hard to look at sometimes though.

Other Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links

**The Slayer's Fanfic Archive-Tons of fanfic! You could spend a month here and not read it all. Also has transcripts for all the episodes.

**The Very Sauve, Very Not Pathetic Slayerette Site-Formerly the Slayerette Fanfic Archive. Fic based only on the Slayerettes. Updated often and catorigized so it's easy to find what your looking for. I'm an assistant editor here, so visit! There is much more as well

**Domain of the Slain-One of my favorite sites. Includes cast info, quotes, missing scenes, ads for upcoming episodes and episode info (which includes a summary, notes & observations, flubs, unanswered questions, scenes I would have liked to have seen and complete cast list for each episode)

**Serendipity's BtVSPage-Another of my favorites. Has Willow centered fanfic, pics (regular and manipulated), Hopeful Romantics and more

The Underworld-A cool page with amazing graphics (Although they can take a while to load). Lots of info on the show and characters

**The Thundering Looney Bin-A great page. Includes spoilers, bumper stickers, pics and info on the cast and Joss (aka God)

**The Sarah Michelle Gellar Kingdon-If you're a SMG fan, go here! Lots of great pics, info, articles and more!

** Nosferatu-A cool club to join, although you can visit some pages without being a member. Info on the show, the cast, trivia and more

SlayMeXand's World of the Slayer-Includes pics, screenshots, art gallery, poll, fanfic, and "What if?"

Little Slice O' the Hellmouth-Contains links according to characters. Also, the amusing story of meeting the cast at the POsting Board Party.

The Coven-Includes slayspeak, a drinking game, thumbnail guide to Buffy and more

Daydreams of BTVS-Has fanfic, character bios, news and links.

Empress Lisette's Land of BTVS-Pics, links, trivia and quote&picture of the week.

The Slayer's Society-Join the club! Also has cast member info, games and trivia, poll, chat and The Chronicles.

Are Ya Ready For Some Slayin'?-Info on the show. Includes pics, episode guide, Angel/Buffy news and more.

The Te Whakinga Kid's Page Of Stuff-Nice page. Has info on some cast members, fanfic, Xander's Sins, great links, lyrics and more!

**Dingo on the Prairie-Provides you with EVERYTHING you'd ever need to know about the show, the characters, even lots on infomation on the gueststars.

Violet's Buffy Casa-Includes episode guide, pics, spoilers and more.

**Raven's Realm of Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Lots of stuff here to keep you busy. Games, downloads, Slayer Slang, cast info, Little Know Facts and a couple of dozen other things to do.

The Slayer's Cove-Take a long time to load. Has pictures, polls, surveys, romances and more.

Encycopedia Buffonica-features an episode guide, poll, fanfic, quiz, and pictures.

**The Buffy Project-A great site. Includes the internet's only Buffy search engine, posting boards, chats, daily news, mailing lists and more!

Natty's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Site-A fairly typical site. Features pictures, biographies, episode summaries, fanfic and postcards.

The Macho Macho Man Club For Slayerettes-Takes a long time to load. Includes the club, fan fic, postcards and links.

The Slayer-A nicely laid-out page. Has yearbooks, pictures, info on the books, fanfic, a survey, Trivia and much more.

Stakes R Us-Lots of stuff to keep you busy. Has pictures, polls, spoilers, top ten lists and more.

Kristie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Page-Has spoilers, trivia, top ten lists, Buffy schedule and more.

The Slayer's Respite-Great setup, but a little lacking in content. Has games, pictures, and a contest.

** Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Links-Without a doubt the largest Buffy links page out there. All links are in alphabetical order and in catagories. Over 2000 links!

I Wanna Be On The Show! Club Homepage-Club to join. Not much else there.

People For the Ethical Treatment of Werewolves-Has a club to join, a chat room, postcards and a few other things.