****NOTE - No offence is intended by this! Seth, if you ever visit this page, I'm sorry! I was just really bored and decided to see what other people thought!

This is something me and some friends noticed the other day while watching "IT". It looked like Seth's nose was a little different back then. Look at the pics below and tell me what you think.

The first picture is from "Arcade", made in 1993. The second is from "Buffy" (episode-Becoming, Part 2), made in 1998. I dunno, just the shape looks different to me. I have nothing against plastic surgery. Heck, if I could afford it, I'd have a million things done! I personally think that maybe he broke it or something. He really doesn't seem like the type. And it's not just this one picture (as some people seem to think). Rent any of his early movies and take a took. Let me hear your opinions.

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Where do you stand on this issue? Please, no nasty comments. If you don't agree, then just please tell me why. Whenever I recieve any spam mail, I usually laugh at it, then foward it to some friends to laugh at.


"Hey! Oh my gosh! Seth's nose is definetly smaller now! That's so weird! I like it more now than before though! Good work Gumshoe!"

"Hey Skittery, Well, his nose *definetly* looks different... I actually noticed the difference between the "It" era seth, and the AP/Buffy/CHW Seth not too long ago, as well."

"Yikes, quite a difference!!!! I'm tending to agree with you about the nose job thing, but I have a non-vanity possiblity. Maybe his nose got broke, and being an actor, felt pressure to get it touched up?"

"Wow! I've never noticed it before, but I think from now on I will! Maybe for the movie they just wanted him to have a bigger nose and put silly puddy on it or soemthing! *L* I dunno... big nose, small nose... it's all SETH! And it's all good!"

"I think that his nose is the same except it just seems a LOT huger in the older pic. His nose looks SOOOO CUTE in the second picture!"

"The nose is definitely bigger in Seth145.gif... but then I know a few years ago my nose was HUGE and now I've grown into it more, maybe that is what happened." (I dunno. Aren't most guys done growing by 19 or 20?)

"Hmm... true, I DO detect a difference... not only in the size, but Seth's nose now has more curve to it, too! Very observent of you!!!"

"That is a really observent thing thng to notice. His nose does look different. But, the angles in the camera's are different.The first picture is blurry/fuzzy, and the second is a good, clear head shot. The shadow from his nose makes it look bigger, but your right! It does look completey different in shot 2!" (If you want a clear shot, rent either "Arcade" or "IT". You can see the difference in them.)

"Halo! I was just going to tell you that the IT pic his face is still the same outline as the one on the right, the only thing that makes it different is the IT pic is really foggy and at a different angle. I'm almost positive you've gotten this reason before and it's true because in the rest of the movie his nose is like the one on the right!" (Ummm...this pic isn't from "IT", it's from "Arcade" and his nose does look different throughout the whole movie)

"Hi well also they could have done a plastic nose job on seth if they really wanted to (I mean just for the movie). They could have amde it bigger for ARCADE...That is what they did for Mike Meyers in 54." (Possible, but then they must have used a plastic nose on Seth in all the other movies he did before "IT" and "Arcade".)

"I was thinking the same thing. I think he got plastic surgery, but I don't care if he did. He is good looking either way."

"I'm with you all the way! I watched "IT" and "Arcade" again closely and you CAN see a BIG difference. It's wider across his face and it's not as perfectly shaped as it is now. I commend you on having the guts to put this on your page. I'd think you'd be bombarded by little 11 and 12 year olds screaming about how perfect Seth is and that you shouldn't insult their future husband or something like that. :)" (hehe. I'm surprised I haven't been yet, although I did get an email from an obviously young person saying that they were going to marry Seth.)

"Hey I'm not sure if he did or not, but if he did, it worked out and gives me confidents to do it myself. Even if he didn't it still does give me confidents." (I agree, nosejob or not, Seth looks good!)

"in the first picture the nose had more of an arch........i think plastic surgery"

"Hi Skittery! I love your page. Also, I totally agree with you and your friends that Seth's nose looks different now than it did in "It," "Arcade," and also "Pump Up The Volume." You'll notice that by the time he was in "Ticks," his nose looked the way it does now.
P.S. I love Seth, no matter what his nose looks like and how it got that way!"

"I don't know...the nose is really the on body part that never stops growing...that's why Tori Spelling's nose is the way it is (she got the nose job, but her nose kept growing). If you look at Seth's nostrils from the side (like in the picture), they're higher up than they were in "Arcade", and that happens when you get a nose job. But you can check by watching that X-Files episode "Deep Throat" (the one he was in, shot in 1993). If his nose is drastically different, I'd bet on plastic surgery."

"I definitely think his nose is bigger in the Arcade's pretty obvious. I like the way it looks much more in the Buffy pic!"

"Are you sure that is Seth Green in Arcade. If it were plastic surgery then where did they put the rest of his nose. I'm not trying to insult him but he looks better now than he did in the movie!" (Yes, I am sure that is Seth in Arcade. It looks like him, and I've seen the movie.

"a nose can appear different from diffrent angles. (I don't think a camera angle could change the shape and position of nostrals)

"hmm, i just thought id say there is nothing wrong with a nose job, and i think the one he has now is just so cute it makes up for the fact that it might not be his own. and what about sarah michelle gellar? i heard she had one too. just making a statement. thanks." (I'm with you. There is nothing wrong with getting a little work done!)

"I totally think he got a nose job it also happens to make him look very very hot so if it was about 5000.00 it was money well spent to make more girls swoon over him!"

"I think it's just the lighting angels and other such but any thing is possible"

"Well, there is a difference, but that doesn't mean he had a nose job. As you said he doesn't seem like the type. He could have gotten his nose broken and it had to be reset." (Just having it reset would make it bigger, and I have had this varified by a doctor)

"WOW! I never knew that Seth would do that. It just doesn't seem like him (I read about him in about a millon magizines) but it definatly does look bigger."

"hey my friend's mom did 90210 for a long time, and they hired Seth for an episode. he looked real geeky back then, and one day we were all talking about how hot seth is, and her mom walked in. she said "he didn't always look that way! he got a nose job!" and if u find seth on the episode on 90210, you can tell!!!!" (Okay, I can't be sure how correct this is since I have the 90210 episode on tape and IF Seth had a nosejob, he had it before he did 90210.)

"I think it's the way the light is hitting his nose in pic one it makes it look big. But in pic 2 it does seem like Seth's nose is pointed up."

"You and your friends are really...observant. It *does* look like his nose is different! That is really an obvious difference in nose size when you look at the two pics side by side like that. He deserves to do whatever he wants with his nose even if that means he had plastic surgery. I like his new nose wonder he didn't keep his old one."

"I think maybe he did brake it and had to get it redone but either way I still think hes the hottest guy alive:)"

"I havta say that Seth Green so does NOT seem the plastic surgery type but I'd be lying if I said I didn't see a difference in those 2 pics and as much as I hate to admit it I think somethings up with that. I never even noticed it til now."

"i have often thought the same thing."

"Whoa. God you're observant, aren't you? I don't prentend to know why it's different, but hey, go with it. If he had surgury for it oh well. Just gotta say, who cares? Seth is Seth, the nose don't matter. Geez, I never would've realized though...."

"I agree w/ u on that claim of him maybe breaking his nose cause he just seem that superficial to actually get a nose job. maybe it was just some reconstructive surgery or something i just think he did for the cosmological reason u know? i just think he had a good reason if he did have a nose job cause i see a difference in the size and shape and if it is a nose job man i need to have he name of his surgeon cause if it is a great looking nose cause it looks like the real thing"

"I wouldn't say any nasty comments cuz it's rude, So all I'm saying is that age puts alot of change on people. Like seth's teeth. see anything wrong with them now? Well way back when they didn't look so great. So maybe when seth got older his nose changed or something becuz that kind of stuff happens and I doubt Seth would ever get plastic surgery." (One comment, Seth said in an interview in the March or April issue of JUMP that he has spent years getting his teeth fixed.)

"I think he probably broke his nose. It is definately a different shape, and it looks a little smaller. Who knows, he could have had a nose job, guys get self-concious about these things as much as women do."

"Take a look at that honker! Holy cow! It's like a punctured balloon or something. Nice detective work."

"Of course it is"

"Yep! he has definatly had something done to it"