The Sunnydale High Yearbook

This section is excerpt from the book "Sunnydale High Yearbook", which was written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder. The book is set up like a real yearbook, and instead just putting up the Willow & Oz stuff, I'm putting up basically anything interesting. It is still not everything in the book, and I'd recomend getting it just for the cool behind the scenes pics!

And ramdon writting by the gang within the yearbook will be in italics

Signature's inside the front cover.

from your favorite Dingo! Aroooo!

Sometimes I wish I knew what things would be like if you'd never come to Sunnydale. I guess we'll never know, but knowing my luck, things would still work out crappy.

You're my best friend. You know me better than anybody. And, I think, if I'd never known you, there'd be less of me to know. You've made me grown. Not in a getting bigger way, you know, another way.

I have lived many years and never before had the chance to write in a yearbook. You gave me this and much more. As long as I am on this Earth, what we had lives on in me.

Buff, in everyone else's book I'm writing stuff about "all the great times we had", but I'm not going to do that with you. we had great times, sure, but we had terrible, heart-tearing, scary times too, and these ones are the ones I'm gonna remember. Because those are the times when I got to know this amazing, brave girl. (That's you, even if you didn't get it). And the really cool part? Even with everything that's happened? I'm really just starting...

Buffy, thanks for all. Much remains unsaid.

I know moms don't usually sign yearbooks, but I wanted to let you know how proud I am and how much I love you.

thanks for the talk in the tower and for everything

Buffy Summers-
I take comfort in knowing this school will stand long after you leave it
-Principal Snyder

You have been a mystery and a challenge. More or less in a good way

Willow tells me that to inscribe these words is to participate in an ancient ritual:You're the sweetest. Don't ever change!

Dear Buffy,
I've spent much of my life making guesses as to my father's opinion of me. There are times when I've detected disappointment. Even a few times when I think I've recognized satisfaction. I don't want you to have to guess what I'm feeling as I watch you graduate. This is pure pride-

Buffy-Just remember, clear gloss over a warm color will help you with that washed-out cracked lip thing.

You're the bomb!

The Prom

To Our Protector
By Jonathan Levenson

Those of you who attended this year's prom got to witness the presentation of a new award here at Sunnydale High. The "Class Protector" umbrella trophy was presented to Buffy Summers. It was not a very beautiful trophy, because I didn't have a lot of time, and nobody contributed as much money as they promised. But it was heartfelt. Buffy Summers has been our umbrella. Especially the pointy part on top.

Thank you, Buffy.

Buffy, to say the unsaid stuff I wrote a song. It's an instrumental. Oz

Buffy, sorry about the chatting on. -Oz

Homecoming Dance

A Fashion Prespective by Harmony Kendall

The homecoming dance sets the fashion standard for the rest of the school year. This is a chance for the bet of us to shine. But not just that. It's also a chance for us to study the less taste-equipped, to offer them guidence and constructive critcism. Then they, in turn, can pass it on to those too pathetic to even get aske to the dance. It's the circle of life.

The year's homecoming dance started out like a ray of golden hope into the dark world of the style-starved. The dresses, in general ,left behind the ruffles and flounces of girlhood, and favored instead the sleek silhouettes of womanliness. All in all, the dance was a veritable gift basket of fashion-dos!

It was, that is, until Buffy Summers and Cordelia Chase arrived. With their artfully torn gowns, streaked faces, and tangled hair, they attempted to inject a kidf of Courtney Love You-know-I'm-cool-because-I-look-like-trash sensibility into the proceedings. It was a fashion miscalculation of the highest order.

Jeers! Jeers, I say to Buffy and Cordelia for thumbing their oh-so-smudged noses at the fashion rule of law. Without fashion there is anarchy, and without Cordy and Buffy, there is fashion!

Student Life

A Thank You from the Marching Band Director

As director of the SHS marching band, I am writing this open letter of gratitude to all those students who participated in the "Band Candy" fund-raising drive. I was shocked to learn that this year's sales totaled a massive $600,000 in profits! As ot target was $1,500, I was pleased as punch! I have put this money to good use, purchasing new uniforms, two new sousaphones, and a performing arts center. THANKS!

When are we going to need computer in real life anyway? -Xander (next to the Computer Club write up)

Cordelia, Tomato: Fruit or vegetable? -Willow (next to the Science Club write up)


The Bronze
They never paid us. - Oz

The Point
It doesn't get any more romantic than this? hah! What was I thinking? - Cordelia

The Espresso Pump
I feel the need for more sugar than the human body can handle! -Willow

Puuter's Green Mini-Golf
Hey Buffy! No cheating! And man...those cookies. Maybe we oughta get ol' Ted booted up again and hook him up to a mini-bake oven! -Xander

The Sunnydale Zoo
I can remember a certain Sunnydale student acting like an animal at th zoo. -Willow
Not fair, Will! Hyena possession, remember? -Xander
Not THAT excuse again!! - Willow

A poem by Cordelia Chase
Everyone endures some pain
I hear each life must have some rain
But no one here wants to admit
That Cordy gets the worst of it.
Can't they look at me and see
The strain of being somebody?
In one short day, my love derailed
On top of that, I got impaled.
The stress that comes with being me
Is really, really B-I-G.
And no one even seems to care
That MY pain is must worse than theirs.


For anyone who was in just one episode, I'll put the episode name beside them.
Heidi Barrie (ep-"The Pack")
NICKNAMES: Hi-ho, Didi
ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, The Razor's Edge, Drama Club
MEMORIES: Most, I'd rather forget; Tor, Ronnie, and Kyle - animale instincts; life is happier as a vegan; Quarters; superfreak; footballmen; beaching and blazing; prom night(mare); mallrat exterminators; the Bronze; Let it snow! Lilith Fair.

Larry Blaisdell
"I'm so out I got my grandma fixing me up with guys"
ACTIVITIES: Football, Baseball, French Club, Drama Club
MEMORIES: The stranger; Limo; rule #22 and #0; Folds; why can't this one fly; New Years Eve Big Time; HGY's; Senior Six; Like you read about; John Lee and Mashad; Sunday Morning Practice; I owe you, Harris; Thanks, Dad.

Michelle Blake (ep-"Homecoming)
"I have so many people to thank, I don't knwo where to begin."
NICKNAMES: Misha, 'Chelle
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Yearbook, Dance Club, Homecoming Queen
MEMORIES: San Diego bound with Blayne & Alli-SIN!; SMK, BK, KJ, kiss me I'm me!; Charlie, HQ sister, "see ya, luv ya, miss ya already"; PENDER TO THOSE DRESSES? Catfight!!; Broom closets have more room than I thought!

Mashad Bolling (ep-?)
"It isn't about winning or losing, it's about looking good winning OR losing."
NICKNAMES: Potato head
ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, Soccer, Yearbok, Jazz Band.
MEMORIES: DON'T call me "Butch"; wake me up for dinner; panty raid!; PB with Blondie and Harm; Lishanne; if you're ever lonely...;damn the torpedoes; Matty on the mat; Coach, I just couldn't SEE the ball!; Mom and Dad....can I start over?

Lisa Campiti (ep-"The Puppet Show")
"Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget."
NICKNAMES: Boo-Boo, Lissaboo, Tuba
ACTIVITIES: Jazz Band, Concert Band, Yearbook, Track, Talent Show, Science Club, French Club
MEMORIES: Berklee; MB, DR, AC, CF; We don't DO this one; Adv. Chem; Bones; Weatherly Music; Hot tub; Srping Fling; Mr. DeJean; Ms. Miller; hangin' at the Pump; beach bunnies!; thanks, Mom, Dad, Gramps, and Gram.

Holly Charleston (ep-"Homecoming")
"Good times are never gone. There are always memories to look back on."
NICKNAMES: Charlie, Hollywood
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Yearbook, Drama Club, Homecoming Queen
MEMORIES: HG, TY, RV, luv ya guys; Misha, HQ sisrer, "see ya, luv ya, miss ya already."; all night on the beach; zoo animals; mallrats; the Pump; the Bronze; Velvet Chain; talent show; Den 24/7; Shock the monkey; parents are kids in disguise - thanks Mom and Dad.

Cordelia Chase
"I aspire to help my fellow man. As long as he's not smelly or dirty or something gross."
NICKNAMES: Cordy, Queen C
ACTIVITIES: Cherleading, Talent Show, May Queen
MEMORIES: Harmony, Lishanne, Gwen & the girls; May Queen; prom madness; saving Ms. Miller's life (you're welcome!)' love spells; Willow, thanks for the help; library fun with Mr. Giles and Buffy - boy I love wittling! (note sarcasm); the Bronze; shopping with Mom!

Michael Czajak (ep-"Gingerbread")
"You can't begin to understand what's behind this face and mind"
NICKNAMES: Emcee, Warlock
ACTIVITIES: Math Club, Dance Club, Chess Club, Tennis
MEMORIES: Willow and Amy, kindred spirits at last - Blessed Be; who's my favorite rat-girl?; want some cheese?; the circle is open, and closed; Pythagoras was right!; dance fever (no tutus!); Andrew-K5 to Q3 - Checkmate!!; Dad, you believed in me. Love you.

Lishanne Davis (ep-"The Witch")
"We all get the spotlight eventually. You can have it when I'm done."
NICKNAMES: De-Lish-us, Lisha
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, SADD, Yearbook, Science Club
MEMORIES: CC, Amber's on fire!; Aura, Dan, Marc, Misha; "That's a burn"; Punkin Caper; LA w/ AG and CC, Betty pick up; Where's my camera?; MTV spring break in San Diego!; running the rat race; Mom and Dad and Allisyn, you're the bomb.

Gwen Ditchik (ep-"Inca Mummy Girl")
"It's nice skipping the small talk"
NICKNAMES: Guinevere, Gee, Digger
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Basketball, Talent Show
MEMORIES: CC & the gals, Harm, Dally & tux guys; Hey Harm, the fleer's in, find me with the sailors; H! Miss ya, Suzy B!; beach baby; Herbert the pic; Whammy; pattycakes' Amber's ablaze!; Mom & Dad, you're the best!

Kyle DuFours (ep-"The Pack")
"Everyone has the beast inside. For some, it's just a little closer to the surface."
NICKNAMES: 24, Doofus
ACTIVITIES: The Razor's Edge, Spanish Club
MEMORIES: Rhonda, Tor & Heidi; don't ever tell me what happened; the longest blackout on record; I'll never look at bacon the same way again; rathole; rocket fuel; Motel Six; swingin' on the Sun; career week - I should be a what?; No one here gets out alive.

Roy Dukeshire (ep-"Gingerbread")
"Put 'em up"
NICKNAMES: Dukes, Duke
ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, Soccer, Science Club
MEMORIES: Hangin' in the lost with da Boyz; superfreak; "I don't think I can tell you that"; sophisticated lady-Amber! I love you; June bugs; Homecoming queenssss; prom night massacre; no it is NOT spiked, it's just punch - trust me!

Laura Egler (ep-?)
"I don't want to be left alone."
NICKNAMES: Egghead, Laurie
NICKNAMES: The Razor's Edge, Latin CLub, Computer Club, Class Treasurer
MEMORIES: Mitch, if you had any idea....;best of times w/ Kels, SM, DK; Suebee, and the men of the Bronze; spyder and me; sxl healing; "veni, vidi, vici"; jet-propelled love machine; one night in the Fish Tank and it's all over; see Dad & Mon, you survived!

Anya Emerson
"Men are evil."
NICKNAMES: Anyanka, Evil One
ACTIVITIES: wishbring, mischief-making, aiding in the vengenance of wronged women.
MEMORIES: See about. Plus Xander

Chris Epps (ep-"Some Assembly Required")
"Life's a puzzle. I just feel like I'm missing a piece."
ACTIVITES: Science Club, National Honor Society, Math Club
MEMORIES: Third and long, seconds to go. Where do you go? Number five. Daryl's donna drive. I miss you, Daryl -I'm sorry; Eric; Willow; Buffy - who's smarter than she thinks; frog party; Koas in Chem; I love you mom

Mitch Fargo (ep-"Invisible Girl")
"Libraries. All those books. What's up with that?"
NICKNAMES: None that I'd care to repeat
ACTIVITIES: Baseball, Talent Show
MEMORIES: CK, MG, MN, MS (lotta M's!), I'm gonna miss dancing at the Bronze; the Point with Katie; Tijuana road trip, five days in stir; yes, ocifer; do you believe in ghosts?; up against the awll, MF; you call this a party?; M&D, you never missed a game!

Eric Gittleson (ep-Some Assembly Required)
"No harm, no foul."
ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Tennis, Band
MEMORIES: Six months in stir, and I still managed to graduate!; sorry Crisr; sorry CC; I'm all better now, really; E. LeBeau; math w/ Mickey; Chem lab chas; Dr. Gregory (moment of silence); Flutie-burgers; thanks Unc.

Amber Grove (ep-the Witch)
"I'll bring the marshmellows"
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Science Club, Class Secertary
MEMORIES: Go Razorbacks!!!: HI-C & Special K; "Stop Twisting!"; Keys under r.r.; Sha-fa; Benny's; Marriott w/ PD & SM; Room 202; Typical George questionsl Hey Un\lgy; Who's the cutest girl? luvya mom+dad.

Alexander Harris
"I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away."
NICKNAMES: Xander, X-Man, King of Cretins
ACTIVITIES: Swim Team, Talent Show
MEMORIES: The Scooby Gang; CC; Willow & Buffy; Oz; Amy; hangin' in the stacks with bad boy RG; Ho-Ho's; hyena days; Private Harris; Ampata; Faith; The Bronze; Jesse, I won't forget; please don't anyone mention Valentine's Day; Nighthawk; thanks for the loan, Uncle Roary.

Tor Hauer (ep-"The Pack")
"Pork. It's the other white meat."
NICKNAMES: Tor-nado, Toro
ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, French Club, Soccer
MEMORIES: Tijuana cerveza and Cuban cigars; the zoo crew; Kyle, Rhonda, and Hi-Ho; superfreak; beaching and blazing; Lilith Fair; snowball fights at Hammersmith; Brozne potential; "Tor like women!"; mallrats!

Scott Hope
"I'm a bad liar. It's not good for the soul."
NICKNAMES: Scotty, Scooter
ACTIVITIES: Drama Club, Photography Club,Latin Club, The Razor's Edge, Tennis
MEMORIES: Debbie & Peter, I miss you guys; Buffy, sorry to say I'm just a guy; what do you do for an encore?; International Day; Espresso Pump; festivals at the Sun; under the sea! Mom, Dad, and Kristen, love ya!; I still remember a place called....nah, too easy.

Frederick Iverson (ep-"Earshot")
"Grades are meaningless"
ACTIVITIES: S.H.S. Sentinel, The Razor's Edge
MEMORIES: NV, JG, WR; The Bronze; Inca mummy exhibit; late night trash talk turned into top notch column topics; get out of the herd and see the world as it is; I meant every word!

Douglas Jefferies (ep-?)
"Don't look back."
ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Chess Club, Spanish Club
MEMORIES: Lisa, wish I had the guts to tell ya...; JK; dynamic duo; Lot Lizards; Knight to Queen's Four; L, yo digo te amo; I'm tellin' ya, I can play goal! hey D, nice legs!; I wish they all could be California girls...oh wait, I guess they are!

Rhonda Kelley (ep-"The Pack")
"What a tangled web we weave"
ACTIVITIES: The Razor's Edge, Spanish Club
MEMORIES: Quarters; superfreak; Heidi, girlfriend; Kyle & Tor; football men; Frankie; beaching and blazing; prom night(mare); mallrat exterminators; Time Warp weirdos; the Brozne; Let it snow!; nuggy kitty; Lilith Fair.

Harmony Kendall
"They can do wonderful things with airbrushes these days."
ACTIVITIES: Dance Club, Drama Club, Field Hocky, SADD
MEMORIES: Hi CC, PV, CM; Mashad, don't pull my hair!; Chemistry Thucks! John Lee, football hero!: Chuck S.; Christopher, I'm gonna kill you; Erin O, have a good year; Hey, give me those keys!; don't you dare!; prom madness.

Jason Kent (ep-?)
"Today is the first day of the rest of my life...I'm outta here."
NICKNAMES: Jace, Clark
ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Chess Club, Science Club
MEMORIES: Hey D! nice legs!; Amy M., any interest in a summer fling?; DJ-Rook to Knight's 3; dynamic duo; Wendall, is you experiement supposed to be on fire? Juniper Hill; trolling in Hammersmith; beach bombs; love ya, Mom and Dad.

Jonathan Levenson
"I think you'll be impressed. It's the Cadillac of mopeds."
ACTIVITIES: Science Club, Latin Club, Chess Team, S.H.S. Sentinel, Swim Team
MEMORIES: Steam baths; thanks Xander & BS; oh yeah, I peed! So what?; Jackie; Catch a Rising Star; zombie party; something weird's goin' on here; Cadillac; Good ol' boys; Napa Valley Bike Tours; Gondola; ninja boys; I'm still here, Mom and Dad.

Lance Lincoln (ep-"The Pack")
"Get your filthy paws off me, you damn, dirty ape!"
ACTIVITIES: S.H.S. Sentinel, Latin Club
MEMORIES: Stop the presses!; Lois and Clark; "I'll be a monkey's uncle."; what's the name of the game?; if you don't know the answer, make it up; JG, FI; NV; WR...let's not forget those wonderfully cooperative Sunnydale peace officers; the truth is out there!

Devon MacLeish
"She doesn't have to talk."
NICKNAMES: Dev, Ol' Blue Eyes
ACTIVITIES: Yeah. Right.
MEMORIES: Dingoes; hometown crowds at the Bronze; Cordelia-you're still on my mind.; the absentminded guitar man; Seattle's dead; practice in the green room; Granny's ghost; Kathy, Stacie & Baker, time to finish what we started.

Amy Madison
"Within each of us is the power to change the world; all we have to do is let it out. Of course...some of us should leave it right where it is."
NICKNAMES: Mad-woman
ACTIVITIES:Latin Club, Cheerleading
MEMORIES: Michael and Willow, thanks for sharing; Blessed Be; no more cheese!; brownie parties; Xander, now I've got dirt on you!; toil and trouble; thanks to Mr. Giles and to BS; I love you dad.

Blayne Mall (ep-"Teacher's Pet")
"Nothing wrong with an aggressive female."
NICKNAMES: Blayne-o, Blayne Damage
ACTIVITIES: Football, Baseball
MEMORIES: sufferin'b-tards w/ John Lee, Boddy & Mashad; scamming the lott and Hammersmith; Roger's hellride; Doubles; Crawls; 3-27 w/ Jackson; JJFlash in 3/4; Jelly; the Villa; Fuzzy Duck; B-Day w/ Jules. Mom and Dad, you're the best.

Hogan Martin (ep-"Earshot")
"Winning isn't everything...okay, so I'm lying."
ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Spanish Club
MEMORIES: double dribble!; West on the rebound - uhoh!: H&L-bookends!; game high 36; division mvp x3; PW, FG, CH, NR; "Gentemen! Off the beach and on the wood!"; hey Gwen-evere, let's talk Excalibur!

Guy Matthews (ep-"Helpless")
"Don't make me do something you'll regret later."
NICKNAMES: Matt, Matty
ACTIVITIES: Wrestling, Photography Club, Wrestling, oh, and did I mention Wrestling?
MEMORIES: Boyz Clubz of America!; hangin; in the lost; the Point with AF; Espressio Pump; International Day-of course this is what they wear in Greenland!: watching the gals go by at Hammersmith Park; Den 24/7; damn the tropedoes; luv ya Mom.

John Mayhew (ep-"The Prom")
"Death and taxes are serious business; everything else is comedy."
NICKNAMES: Jack, Chewbacca, Animal
ACTIVITIES: Drama Club, Baseball, goofin'
MEMORIES: Bobby, Larry & Mitch, the infield of dreams; Oklahoma!!; Larry, dude, "nt that there's anything wrong with that," but you're not neat or thin enough, y'know?; Hey!; hopped up on the goofballs!; turn on anything, you'll get it; You want funny? A monkey in a diaper, now that's funny!

"I mock you with my monkey pants."
NICKNAMES: The Great and Powerful
ACTIVITIES: Jazz Band, National Honor Society, otherwise as little as possible except playing with Dingoes Ate My Baby
MEMORIES: Willow; full moon fever; Dingoes; Willow; Sweet J; looting military installations - just kidding!; Willow some more; the Chosen One et al; the five year program; punching Xnader (sorry, man, but it was fun); getting shot sucks; hey Mr G., thanks for the chains; thanks UNcle Ken, Aunt Maureen, and Mom and Dad.

Willow Rosenberg
"Don't warn the tadpoles!"
NICKNAMES: Will, Brainy Smurf
ACTIVITIES: Math Club, Science Club, Computer Club, substitute teaching, Talent Show, National Honor Society
MEMORIES: Oz; Buffy & Xander; I love you guys; Amy & Michael; Cordy-"they're only men, they don't know any better"; Jesse and Ms. Calendar; thanks to the tutor's tutor, Mr. Giles; no more computer dating; ghost girl!; Chirayoju; Carpe Diem; Dragon's Cove; Bronzing with the Dingoes; thanks, Mom and Dad.

Marcie Ross (ep-"Invisible Girl")
"Have a nice summer."

Wendall Sears (ep-"Nightmares")
"A wise man knows everything; a shrewd man, everyone."
ACTIVITIES: Dand, S.H.S. Sentinel; Photography Club; Science Club
MEMORIES: What're you, Einstein?; Yes, Miss Rosenberg; WR, TK, JR, DO; dizzy devils; Weatherly; prom dates!; mini-golf; we ain't all on Baywatch, chica!; we coulda been contenders; I hate long good-byes, so...

Benjamin Straley (ep-"I Only Have Eyes for You")
"Gallip through every sunset, but slow down long enough to watch it rise.
NICKNAMES: Ben, Benny, Stray
ACTIVITIES: Talent Show, Math Club, Swim Team
MEMORIES: Hellride w/ Roger; Crossfire; Q; Cobby's hang the mustang; "Flash" by the Chimpmunks; Black Thrusday - "no need for the piece"; Joke; Chesapeake; the Villa; "it's a classic"; damn the torpedoesl Den 24/7; Mom and Jeannie, I love you both!

Buffy Summers
"If the Apocalypse comes, beep me."
NICKNAMES: Buffy, Chosen One
MEMORIES: Willow & Oz; Xander (nice Speedo); Queen C; love that brooding guy; moon pies; Bronzing; Homecoming; Amy; ratface hopped up on band candy; bloodsucking freaks; snow on Xman; Kendra and Ms. C., I miss you' thanks "Ripper" (okay, maybe you're not quite so stuffy after all); love ya, Mom & Dad.

Elliot Terhune (ep-"The Puppet Show")
"Life is a poor spectator sport."
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, Basketball, Yearbook, Talent Show
MEMORIES: ET. JC, MH, PT & WN; bearclubs; La Jolla chicos; Camp Hoss; TB parties; Peter Gunn; Triathalon; flawless hoop; suicides; Grif impression; Gov; Slime Fireball.
Owen Thurman (ep-"Never Kill a Boy on the First Date")
"I never thought that nearly getting killed would make me feel so alive."
ACTIVITIES: Drama Club, Tennis, Yearbook, Class President
MEMORIES: Emily D,; hit one in the mindmill; the morgue-my best date ever; tailgating in the lot; St. Pat's; sailing; Pacific Beach; Thumper; Bear; MGB; Black Thursday; "like the car, officer?"; Flash; La Cucina; attaboy!; it's safe, Mom, really.

Lysette Torchio (ep-"The Zeppo")
"Smile. It gives your face something to do."
NICKNAMES: Torch, Lissa
ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, Talent Show, Dance Club, Field Hockey
MEMORIES: Okay, Chase, you in or you out?; Harmony, Aura, Lishanne, girls on parade; hanging at Hammersmith; ladies; night at the Bronze; beach bunnies-I look good in this suit!; what your mother should know; never mind, Mom and Dad; love you, Troy.

John Lee Walker (ep-"The Wish")
"You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough."
NICKNAMES: My mother named me John Lee, and that's what you'll call me.
ACTIVITIES: Football, Computer Club, French Club, Wrestling, Class Vice President
MEMORIES: Da Boyz are back in town; BObby, Dukes, and Mashad; Harm; sorry CC, maybe another time?; Den 24/7; once upong a time; girl 0' my dreams; dance club girls, call me, we'll do lunch; oh, and Coach-I quit, baby. I'm goin' to Hollywood.

Percy West
"Hey, I'm challenged"
MEMORIES: put me in, Coach!; double dribble; Harmony & Lishanne, my favorite bookends; game high 32; division mvp x2; HM, CH, FG, ET, NR, got your back, boys, get off the bench and on the wood; hey, Rosenberg, thanks for making me study.

Katherine Wexford (ep-?)
"The sound of a friend will be heard above the noise of life."
NICKNAMES: Katie, Kat-woman
ACTIVITIES: Track & Field, Basketball, Spanish Club
MEMORIES: Ahh....memories!

Senior Class Poll

        BIGGEST ATTITUDE                           BEST SMILE
   Harmony Kendall & Blayne Mall       Mashad Bolling & Michelle Blake

          BEST DRESSED                              BEST EYES
    Mitch Fargo & Anber Grove              Amy Madison & Michael Czajak

         BIGGEST FLIRT                               NICEST
Devon MacLeish & Holly Charleston           Scott Hope & Lisa Campiti

    Tor Hauer & Rhonda Kelley            Cordelia Chase & Jonathan Levenson

  Larry Blaisdell & Lysette Torchio       Buffy Summers & Kyle DeFours
        BEST PERSONALITY                          CUTEST COUPLE
   Ben Staley & Gwen Ditchik                  Willow Rosenberg & Oz

         LOOKS & BOOKS                            CLASS CLOWN
  Owen Thurman & Lishanne Davis                   Jack Mayhew

                            CLASS PROTECTOR
                             Buffy Summers


Principal Robert Flutie - "Bob Flutie was a compassionate. His office door was always open. That's what got him killed." - Principal Snyder

Stephen Platt (ep-Beauty and the Beasts) - We tursted him, and we miss him

Miss Jenny Calendar - Every student's dream teacher; every principal's nightmare. We loved you, Ms. Calendar.

Miss Ellen Frank (ep-"I Only Have Eyes for You") - She always had time for a question and never left a student in the dark

Dr. Stephen Gregory (ep-"Teacher's Pet") - More than any other teacher, he inspired us to want to learn

Kevin Benedict (ep-"Prophecy Girl") - We will not rest until we have justice in him memory

Peter Clarner (ep-"Beauty and the Beasts") - A gentleman, a gentle soul, now with the one he loved the most

Emily Djemanowicz (ep-"The Puppet Show") - The world has been deprived of her talent.

Debbie Foley (ep-"Beauty and the Beasts") - Losing her has taken some of the music from our lives

Andrew Hoelich (ep-"Anne") - He dreamed of being a champion, when to us he always was

David Kirby (ep-"I Robot, You Jane") - His legacy is a lesson: there is no burden so great that it cannot be shared.

Theresa Klusmeyer (ep-"Phases") - There were no strangers to her, only friends she had yet to meet

Sheila Martini (ep-"School Hard") - We will always wish for another chance to understand her

Jesse McNally (ep-"Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest") - His smile and self-deprecating sense of humor brought a little light into our lives

Rodney Munson (ep-"Inca Mummy Girl") - He never stopped trying to improve himself-a lesson for us all

Jack O'Toole (ep-"The Zeppo") - He tried so hard, for so long, but graduation eluded him. You've made it now, Jack. Time to rest

Margan Shay (ep-"The Puppet Show") - His dry wit and quiet intelligence will always be remembered fondly

Fritz Siegel (ep-"I Robot, You Jane") - His death is a great loss to the future of technology

Jeffery Walken (ep-?) - Every game the Razorbacks played this year was for him

Dodd McAlvy, Cameron Walker, Gage Petrozi, and Sean Dwyer (ep-"Go Fish") - Water seem almost their natural element. Though they didn't live to take home their trophy, we have faith they have recieved their eternal reward

Herbert the Pig, School Mascot (ep-"The Pack") - He had the heart of a fighting Razorback

Seems kinda weird not to have Larry and Harmony and Principla Snyder in here. Guess I just thought I should mention them. We stopped the Mayor, but those three paid the price. For all their faults, Larry and Harmony came through in the end. -Willow