Pics from the Water Rats Tour

I went on the Water Rats tour with Ness from the Ratfic mailing list in late November this year.. its a MUST for any Ratfan that can make it to Sydney. We met Steve Bisley, Aaron Pederson, Dee Smart and Brett Partridge. We saw the sets that they film in.. including the Cutter Bar.. which is actually used as a lunchroom when the crew are not filming in it! We saw Frank's house, the interview room, Morgue, Hospital and heaps of other stuff!

Image of brett.jpg

Brett Partridge on board the Nemesis before going out to film a boat scene. And looks, he's waving at me!!

Image of crew.jpg

The film crew using the Harpy to film from.

Image of cutterbar.jpg

This is a rather shoddy pic of the Cutter Bar set :)

Image of cutterbar2.jpg

Beleive it or not my photography is getting worse... That is the Cutter Bar still.. well the other side of it anyways

Image of frankh.jpg

OOOOO the set to Frank's House :) This is his living room, and trust me.. his couch is comfy! I tried it out!

Image of frankh2.jpg

Frank's entrance hallway... photography taking a downhill turn again

Image of harbour.jpg

Man have they got a view from that island or WHAT?!?!

Image of harbour2.jpg

Another view shot taken from one of the towers of the historic houses on the island

Image of hosp.jpg

The hospital set.. yep the use the same one for ALL the hospital scenes!

Image of interview.jpg

another shoddy photo.. this one is of the interview room :)

Image of mourge.jpg

OOOOO the morgue! Remeber the dead body bits that they found in Dangerous Encounters? Well those are the body bits!

Image of nem.jpg


Image of office.jpg

The office set.. well the outside of it anyways.. you arn't allowed in :(

Image of office2.jpg

Another one of the Office set.

Image of set.jpg

The warehouse on the rear of Goat Island that houses the sets to Franks House, the Interview room, and the Cutter Bar. It also houses the production offices. You can see the Nemesis and the Harpy berthed out the front :)

Image of steve.jpg

Steve Bisley was nice enough to pose for the camera of a silly Ratcrazy fans :)

Image of wharf.jpg

A shot of the office and the wharf from anther part of Goat Island.

Image of wharf2.jpg

Another shot of the office and wharf from the walkway leading to the office set.