Inspirations and Thank Yous

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Whoa... this is gonna be long cos there are so many people that I wanna thank!

Well to start off with... a big thanks for everyone on the Ratfic list, thanks guys for your feedback, buggingness and inspirations :)

Camilla, Ness, Jaye :-) you guys are especially thankworthy! Putting up with all my crap online of a night.. then agian.. you lot inspire me so! Hey Ness... you STILL owe me a Gav/Rach story!

Bec - well you are my best friend... my one and only best friend, thanks for being a bestest bestest friend!

Jules and Esther - my horsey friends...well I wrote a horsey fic for you guys... sorry it was so sad! I'll write a fluffy horsey one before long :)

and I spose I better put my parents in.. even though I dont live with them anymore... Love ya Mum.. Love ya Dad!

Oh bloody Hell.. I forgot to thank my MAIN inspirations! Thak yous to the cast and crew of Water Rats   :):):)Specially Colin Freils and Catherine McClements :):)