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Okay.. eventually there's gonna be like other stuff here, like picture pages and such. but at the mo... its just the Tiara Awards... so here they are!

The Catagories for the Tiara Awards are :-

Queen of Action
Queen of Romance
Queen of Poetry
Queen of Fluff
Queen of Sexy Fics
Queen of Characterisation
Queen of Meaniness
Queen of Rachel and Frank fics
Queen of Rachel and Jack fics
Queen of Other Couples fic
Queen of Short Sob
Queen of Long Sob
Queen of Ratfic 1999

Now after a great many votes the winners were decided, so here they are!

Queens of Ratfic Winners.

Queen of Action - Camilla,Vanessa ( these guys tied ).
Queen of Romance - Rachel W.
Queen of Poetry - Esme.
Queen of Fluff - Julia.
Queen of Sexy Fics - Jaye.
Queen of Characterization - Vanessa.
Queen of Meaniness - Julia.
Queen of Rachel and Frank Fics - Jaye.
Queen of Rachel and Jack Fics - Suz.
Queen of Other Couples - Pippa.
Queen of Short Sob - Camilla.
Queen of Long Sob - Camilla.
and the Queen of Ratfic '99' -Rachel W.

We had some requests for Honourary Queens, and Princesses, so here they are!:)

Honourary Queen of Tayler Fics - Vanessa.
Honourary Queen of Angst - Kylie.
Honourary Queen of Getting Longer and Longer Fics - Camilla (dont you think she deserves this one?)
Princess of Fluff - Esme.
Honourary Queen of Helen Fics - Jaye.
Honourary Queen of Spunkyless Updates - Funky
Honourary Queen of Simness - Sim (now work that one out)
Honourary Queen of Taking Too Long To Write - Sarah. Congrats to all the winners, remember ladies, wear your Tiaras with PRIDE! :)

Now you wanna see the prizes? Here they are :)

Image of nominee.jpg
Image of poetry.jpg
Image of characterization.jpg
Image of jackrachel.jpg

Image of action.jpg
Image of fluff.jpg
Image of meanness.jpg
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Image of sexy.jpg
Image of rachelfrank.jpg
Image of shortsob.jpg

Image of longsob.jpg
Image of queen.jpg Image of camilla.jpg Image of FLUFF.bmp Image of kylie.jpg Image of jaye.jpg Image of julia.jpg Image of funky.jpg Image of sim.jpg Image of sarah.jpg Image of vanessa.jpg