Index of the Fics I've written to Date

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Index by Title

written 28/11/99. Frank & Rachel have lost the HOW exactly did they do it and WHAT are they gonna do about it?

Childish Games
written 1/11/99. Our fave D's are bored... and when D's get bored.. Watch Out!

written 3/12/99. Rachel survives the stabbing, but not even she can get off unscathed.

Cry (responce to Challenge)
written 1/11/99 in responce to the challenge to write a fic including the lyrics of a song. The song is Don't Cry performed by Seal.

The Haze
written 28/10/99. This is my debut Water Rats fic, set as an alternative to Kaddish.

Honeymoon Lovers
written 29/11/99 with Camilla. Frank and Rach go undercover as newweds... what could possibly go wrong?!

Horse Play
written 19/11/99. Frank and Rachel attend a body recovery on horseback, with terrbile consequences.

Kitty Litter
written 24/11/99. Frank gives Rachel an intersting Christmas prezzie.. how's she gonna handle it?


written 8/11/99. Mobile phones are intersting devices.. specially in the hands of the inexperienced!

Monday Morning Blues
written 10/11/99 with Camilla Sandman. Ever had that day when NOTHING seems to go right???

Quincie's Revenge
written 10/11/99 with Camilla Sandman. A crim from our D's past comes back to visit.

Sleep (poem)
written 3/11/99. A moving poem about the funeral of Rachel Goldstein.

Stress Less

written 12/11/99. Another peice of classic fluff :) Its Stress Less Day and our D's take it to the extreme!

Terminal Desire
written 26/11/99. Frank's never REALLY worked out how to use those new fangled computers.... now he does!

written 1/12/99. A silly little pimple can cause such harships!