About Me :)

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Follow this link for pics of me and my horsies.

Okay.. so ya wanna know about me? Here's some stuff...

Name: Julia Elizabeth Webster
Age: 19 and a half (at the mo)
Birthday: 15/4/80
Location: Kurrajong, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia.
Education : Enrolled at the University of Western Sydney - Hawkesbury, currently studying Nursing (just finished 2nd year). Previously Colo High School and Kurmond Primary School.
Fave TV shows: Water Rats (well like you can't guess that one), Star Trek (most incarnations of it), Police Rescue, DeepWater Black.
Fave Actress: Catherine McClements, Claudia Karvan, Nicole deBoer.
Fave Actor: Colin Friels.
Hobbies: writting Water Rats fanfic, riding my horses, reading Water Rats fanfic, collecting CmC, Cf, and NdB film work, playing with my kittens, writting and playing music (play flute and piano, do vocals as well), chatting with my buddies online!
Pets: 3 cats, Ivory, Goldie and Frank (Goldie and Frank are my kittens), 2 horses, Joey and Armageddon.