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If YahooGeocities goes down and I can't update the site like it did two weeks ago the latestst news and information will be posted on the message board.
According to a press release on the
Viacom web site the 100 deeds of Eddie Mcdowd will premiere during the SNICK line-up on October 9. I don't think the announcement said what time it will be on. Click here to read the release and see what the show is about.(July 19)

Also according to a press release Nickelodeon will also premiere the new animated series from Nickelodeon and Bill Cosby called Little Bill on Sunday, November 7 in the Animorphs time slot. For more information read the press release on the Viacom web site.
Click here.(July 19)

Starting July 26 Rugrats will not be seen Monday during Henry & June's Nicktoon Summer Jam. Instead there will be a 3:00 marathon of CatDog.
(July 19)

After about a month or two being off the schedule
AAH!! Real Monsters has come back on Weekends at 12:30 PM.(July 18)

schedule on this page has been updated with the very latest Nickelodeon/Nick At Nite broadcast schedule.(July 18)

Figure it Out is current off the schedule and has been replased with the Brady Bunch. Allthough it should be returning because commercials for contestants have been running for the new season called Figure it Out Wild Style.
(July 19)

Spongebob Squarepants premiered Saturday morning. If you missed it catch another airing during the Nickel-O-Zone Thursday at 8:30.
(July 18)

A new show will be coming to Nickelodeon. It's called the "100 Deeds of Eddie McDowd. It's about the story of a bully who gets tuned into a pooch. The dog then has to perform 100 good deeds to become human.(
July 3)

News items are updated about every other day. The last update was on July 19.
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The Nick Flicks movie for this Sunday (7/25) is "Tiny Toons: How I spent my Summer Vacation" All of the Zany summer stories and adventurs from the Tiny Toon characters Plucky Duck, Hamton, Elmyra, Buster and Babs. Rated G from 1991. Nick flicks airs at 5 to 6:30 Sunday afternoons on Nickelodeon.
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