58. Heat In Cinnabar Gym
59. Decisive Battle
60. Squirtle Island *Yay* Squirtle might leave Ash!
61. Battle in the Water
62. The Clefairy V.S Jigglypuff
63. We Got the Last Badge!
64. Mr. Mime and the Pokemon Circus
65. Dueling with the Rival
66. Slowpoke Evolving into Slowbro
67. The Legend On Surfing Pikachu
68. Gloom in the Garden
69. Pokemon: The Movie *This is not a movie just the name*
70. Why Meowth Can Speak
71. The Secrets of Pokemon Training
72. The Battle of the Ancient Pokemon
73. Guardia's Friendship
74. Moltres! Declaring the Pokemon League
75. Pokemon League! Opening Game in the Water
76. Battle With Flareon in Iceland
77. Formidable Rival in Grass Field
78. New Rival
79. Battle With Hiroshi
80. End of Pokemon League
81. Another Departure
82. AirshipWith a Mis-Hap
83. Pokemon and Pokeball in the South * Brock leaves in this episode because of his lifelong dream of being a Pokemon Breeder*
84. Lapras in Bonds
85. Orange League! Natuskan Gym
86. Mystery of Disappearing Pokemon
87. Crystal Onix
88. Pink Pokemon
89. Secret of Fossil Atts
90. Dance! Pokemon Showboat!
91. Adieu Psyduck! Hello Golduck!
92. Nurse Sailing Raging Waves
93. Navel Island! Battle on Snow Mountain!
94. Snorlax Panic
95. Phantom Ship! Phantom Pokemon!
96. Meowth Island *Meowth get's on some island only to find other Meowth and Persians that treated their talking comrade as a King. That's what I heard anyways*
97. Scyther Be Soldier
98. Pokemon In the Southern Islands
99. Loreili of the Elite 4! Ice Duel!
100. Nidoran's Love Story