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The Pokemon Game

The Gym Leaders

- I've listed all the gym leaders and info on their Pokemon and themselves.

Cheats and Tips

- I've added all the codes that I know but I will find more.

TM's and HM's

- I've made a list of all the Technical Machines and Hidden Machines


- Not done yet but it will have info on all the Pokemon and their picture.

Item Prices

- Here I've listed all the items and their prices in each town and city.

Evolution Stones

- Finally finished. This page will tell you which Pokemon will evolve when exposed to each stone.

Pokemon Roms

- This is just a link to another site right now. After school is done I'll make the one for my site. This site has all the games even Gold and Silver. I will too when I finish this section.

That kid is pathetic!

"In a Pokemon battle, only Pokemon are allowed to fight."