This site is dedicated to my idol: Europe/UK's hottest male solo artist PETER JAMES ANDRE who is both very talented & handsome. Blessed with versatile vocals,good looks,fab songwriting skills,he not only sings well but also dances excellently. Famed for his beautiful muscular body (his 6 pack stomach)& drop-dead gorgeous looks, he has already conquered UK,Europe,Australia & New Zealand.He is now preparing to make it big in USA & Asia. He has worked with The Refugee Camp Allstars,Coolio,Montell Jordan, Warren G, Brian McKnight, Diane Warren & many other big names. He has also toured with Bobby Brown, East 17, Madonna,Boyzone who all have acknowledged his potential. Armed with more than 10 years of experience, the young star is ready to be 1 of the best musicians in the world! Way to go,Dre!

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My site has always been working.
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Sometimes i can't even access my own website.
So it's not that it's not working.
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I don't have the $ to buy my own server yet.
To all disappointed visitors: sorry,
please be patient & come back again. Thanks.

List of Peter's Songs

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CD Photo Gallery
confused about the different appearances of peter's cds? don't fret,just come in & you'll find pictures of some of his cds.

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Music Files
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Critics' Reviews
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Song Lyrics updated
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the webmaster's tribute to her favourite celebrities from around the world,includes peter,elvis presley & more.

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the webmaster's other website that contains general info on chinese history & literature.written in simple english,it's accessible to all nationalities the easy way,as a good form of general knowledge.

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