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Welcome to Sheffield!

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Hi. A week ago, I'd started working on the redesign of my old PBM campaign web site in transition to a character site for the Sheffield High School game I've just joined. As you can see, re-construction is well underway and rapidly nearing completion of phase one.

Registration for Summer session begins on May 13, 2007

New Valiants Return

One year after the planetary encounter with an invading alien force, the New Valiants - Tin Man, Chill, Raven, and Argent - have reappeared on the streets of Gold Coast City.

Sheffield Gets Dogged

Downtown San Francisco was the scene of a pitched and impressive super battle between federal police and the operatives of the paramilitary terrorist organization know as VIPER.

Missing Musician Found

A lot has happened in the month since local musician Letcia Lee went missing. Now that she's back, the "original Jungle Bunny" goes about restarting her career.

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