A Cheery Welcome For One & All!
The date : February 14th 2002.
The place : Loveland, Colorado
A dozen carnations (Colleen's personal preference, rather than roses) and a big helium-filled heart-shaped balloon declaring "All My Love" had been purchased and placed in subtle locations in Colleen's bedroom to await her return from work. It had been snowing that afternoon and it worried me somewhat, knowing the journey that was lying ahead.
Anyway, at about 6.30pm the doorbell rang. Colleen opened the front door and there stood our chauffeur.
"Wow! A limo!" There indeed, was a white stretch limousine. We were then driven up to a very nice town in the Rocky Mountains, called Estes Park (hence the added worry when it started snowing).
Well, the journey took slightly longer than expected, and we arrived at the restaurant (a very nice one called "Nicky's") just on 7.30pm which was the time the reservation was booked for. I'd spelt out B-E-A-U-F-O-Y slowly and clearly over the phone, but we still ended up as the BEAUSOX party. Oh well...
Between the salad starter and the main meal, I made my move...
Colleen was sat with her jacket over her shoulders, feeling a little cold. So I took hold of her left hand with my right, gazed lovingly into her eyes and said "I've got something you could put on your hand if you're cold" and opened up a little blue box in front of her.
"Darling, will you marry me?"* Tears welled up in her eyes as she gazed (in shock) at the engagement ring. "Oh sweetheart, it's beautiful." she exclaimed. Then, smiling (no - beaming!!!), she gave me her answer... 'Maybe!!!".
Oh, how we laughed. The ring slid onto her finger perfectly (however, it has since been upped half a size, for when the weather and Colleen's ring finger are warmer!!!).
Not that she knew anything about it but the whole trip to see Colleen in February had been geared up for that one moment, and I felt like I was the happiest man in the world that night!
*Viewers may be interested to know that that particular question has in fact been asked on at least one previous occasion, by each member of the couple involved, with a definite YES given for the answer. Oh and for those of you who didn't know, I currently live and work in Rugby, England. My fiancee Colleen lives in Loveland, Colorado. We met 'online' back in August of '99, and our love has grown over the years. We are planning the wedding for August 2003, in Colorado.
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