If you want all the numbers of Mr. Oizo, go buy the cd in store or at CDNow. If you buy the record you can have the following numbers:  
  • FlatBeat (5'25)

  • Monday Massacre (3'36)

  • Sick dog try to speak (3'36)

  • And Flatbeat (radio edit 4'00)

NEW!! Now you can hear Eric's voice!!
Eric saying: "

I've recorded the sounds myself,
so please don't use them for
your own site to download
without asking me

And you get this one offcourse, you don't no what you're missing!:

If you still want mp3's you can download them here anyway:
Monday Massacre
Sick dog try to speak
Flatbeat (radio edit)

No Realaudio!
I decided not to put up realaudio because the quality of audio sucks! It is really poor, if you want the music to sound perfect, buy the cd now! Or go to this page for realaudio:
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