Download a wallpaper,screensaver or an icon. If you got any stuff for me, please send it in!
Visit this page in a couple of days and it will have a whole lot more to download.
Wallpaper - More coming soon
For 800x600 resolutions! These jpg's have
been zipped. Unzip them to your
windows directory, and select it from
your Desktop Properties. Get WinZip

If your windows version does not
support jpg's for your wallpaper,
open the file in any graphics editor
and save it as a BMP, and save
it to your windows directory.

wallp1 wallp2
Wallpaper #1 Wallpaper #2

The images section has now more then
50 images to look at!!
Check it out!

download it and unzip in a temp. folder then you
get a .exe and then double-click on it, and you're

Icon,more coming in the future!
Flateric desktop icon nummer 1
The only one so far, please
send yours in!

icon This how it looks like big.
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