This is all I could find about Flat Eric. If you got more info please send it in! Also if you got more reasons to add to my list; ' why flat eric is the man' ,you can also send it to me by email.  
-Name: Eric
-Nickname: Flat
-Birthday: 20th March
-Height: 2 feet in his Reebock Classic
-Born in: Jim Hanson Company
-Eye color: black
-Skin color: yellow/orange
-Email Adress:
-Mother Language: Occasional squawk
-Known family members: big brother Stephane, 3 years older
-Eric eats: likes bananas very much, smokes sausages ?!
-Eric drinks: only "Wizz", a Softdrink in L.A.
-Creator: Quentin Dupieux
-What's he made of? He is very complex in his make-up. Six
different fabrics, including fake fur and fleece.
-Why the name? Flat's creator, video director/musician Quentin
Dupieux (Mr Oizo) says, "He's called Flat because he is, Well,
his head is! Me and the creative people at the Levi's Ad agency
choose Eric because it is such an International name."
One early idea for the ad involved Eric's head getting
crushed by a car wheel.

Why Flat Eric is so the man?

1. Because it's what makes Mr. Oizo sells
so many Flatbeat cd's.
2. He's so chilled out all the time.
3. He moves just right on Flatbeat.
4. He smokes Frankfurters.
5. He was made by the same makers of Kermit
the Frog.
6. He can spray deo in his mouth.
7. Because of the right color/music and car of
the Levi Ads.
8. He's a sexy yellow thing.
9. His headbanging is better then a hardrocker.
10. He makes everyone happy.
11. Because of his perfect name.
12. He's so cute.
13. The Levi ads are the best i've ever seen.
14. Because of his rocking headbang and his
white sneakers.
15. He hides a suspicious brown paperback,
when the police asks then to show their id's.
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