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This site will be updated daily, because of the massive visitors that came to this site last week! 40000+ Flat Eric fans are out there on the net. If you got anything of Flat Eric, please send it to me by email.

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YES! Mr. Oizo and his puppet Flat Eric has totally ript off the UK charts, they are number one for a long time now, and all F.E. fans are trying to get their hands on one of the cd's in the stores.

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Most people think that Flat Eric is a Monkey-bear thing, but it's not officialy said by Mr. Oizo or Levi. So I'm waiting for an official opinion before I believe anything. What do you think that Flat Eric is?
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Interesting Facts:
(Thnx to Todd, http://www.oocities.org/CollegePark/Field/8926/)
- Eric was originally called Stefan and first appeared in a French music video but has
now changed form Orange to Yellow.
- Eric speaks with Electronic TB303 filtered bleeps. (That's some sort of synchroniziser)

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