Latest News
  - I added a new button on the right: the postcard button! If you would like to send an postcard to a friend, family or to someone you like and you want them to get
to know Flat Eric, you can now do that

02/05/99 -
I made a postcard service
so that people can send their fav.
picture of Flat Eric to a friend or family.

09/04/99 - I had some questions
about the voice of Flat Eric,
people wanted to hear him and now
you can!
I have recorded the sounds
myself, get them

09/04/99 - I added all the songs of
Mr. Oizo's album Flatbeat.
Get them

08/04/99 - Damned! Sorry for being
offline for a while, I had some
trouble with my homepageserver.
That cost me a lot of visitors :-(

07/04/99 - Added an interview
with Mr. Oizo,
read it here!

07/04/99 - Flat Eric is not flat :-)
YES! This site is going very well,
I have a lot of visitors and they keep on
coming. I have an average of

300 pageviews per day, and counting!

05/04/99 - I joined the (un) official Flat Eric
webring and the (un) official Top25
Flat Eric websites,
vote for me!

05/04/99 - I redecorated this site
as you may see if you
are a regular visitor of my site.
I added a
download section and
you can now send me any
feedback by filling in this

Got any news or rumours? Send it in!


1.How much did the ad's cost? -
They cost around 2 to 3 million francs.

2.How long did it take to shoot? -

About three days.

3.Who made Eric? -
The Jim Hendson company
(the people behind Kermit the Frog)

4.Does he have a nickname? -
Flat, honestly.
5.Does he speak? -
No, but he does squawk.
6.Is there going to be an album? -
Yes, Analog
Worms Attack and its released later this year.