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Åsgårdstrand has been a popular holiday and seaside resort since the 1920s. Up through the years the town has retained its popularity as a holiday destination, not least among the boaters. Every summer the fjord and harbour are filled with a flotilla of motor boats and yachts. Åsgårdstrand is an active small community with approximately 3000 residents, with an economy based on trade, small-scale businesses, arts and crafts and services. For more than 100 years well-known painters have made Åsgårdstrand famous as an artist enclave. Wandering through the narrow streets you will smell freshly made speciality doughnuts from the local baker. In addition to its many charms, Åsgårdstrand has many fine galleries.

Munch's Hus

Edvard Munch's House is Åsgårdstrand's biggest attraction. It was here that Edvard Munch lived and found the inspiration for so many of his famous paintings. Everything has been preserved just as it was when Munch was alive.

Admission charge was NOK 20 per person in 1998 and free for children under 12. Telephone 33 08 21 31 (start with 0047 if ringing from outside Norway).


By the quay and the beach at Åsgårdstrand - the southern pearl of eastern Norway - lies Åsgårdstrand Hotel, with a magnificent view of Oslofjord. It has a restaurant, bar and outdoor cafe in relaxing surroundings - steeped in cultural history. Edvard Munch created many of his most famous paintings in Åsgårdstrand, the 'artists' town. You'll live in spacious, moden rooms with TV , minibar , coffeepot and a cheerful bath (don't ask).

Telephone 33 08 10 40 fax 33 08 10 77.


Galleri 'M' Havnegt 5 33 08 10 45
Galleri Åsgårdstrand33 08 23 40
Ragnar Almen, billedkunstner33 08 22 16 open workshop on sundays.
Galleri Ask33 08 29 77Open thursday-sunday 1200 - 1700