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Welcome to the newly redesigned Simpsons Headquarters!

01/01/01- It's crap-tacular.
Happy New Year everyone! I've added part of Season 12's Bart's Chalkboard Writings. I've also made a few minor changes with the site. I've also noticed that barely anyone goes to the messageboard. Please feel free to post anything about The Simpsons in it.


12/31/00- Ooh, twins! Which one is the evil one?
Once again I am very very sorry for not updating in 2 months. The Simpsons Headquarters has a "new guestboook" but the old entries can still be viewed here. I have posted a link in the Links section. As for the server move.. I haven't gotten to it yet so keep checking back.


10/02/00- Awright, New York, I'm comin' back! But you're not getting this!
Sorry once again for the lack of updates. I've been busy with homework and other things. I would like to say that The Simpsons Headquarters will move to Hypermart. I'll keep you posted on what day this will happen.


9/04/00- Dear Lord! Look at that blimp! He's hanging from a balloon!
Sorry for not updating. I have good news! The Simpsons Headquarters have finally made it to The Simpsons Top 100. We're at # 85 but at least we made it. Thanks for all those who voted for us.


8/18/00- Hey kids!  I made your favorite cookies:  Christmas trees for the girls and bloody spearheads for Bart.
I've changed the layout of Bart's chalkboard writings for faster page loading. I've also updated it to include all of the seasons except for season 11. Next I'm going to update Bart's prank calls so check back tomorrow for the updated list.


8/17/00- We've got COMMUNICATION.
How exciting, we can finally communicate.. the forum is now up. We've also submitted this site to the Simpsons 100. Please vote for the Simpsons Headquarters! To vote, go to the Simpsons 100 site, click under "Judging Booth", and look for us! Thanks!


8/16/00- Woohoo!  The first update...
The support page has been added.  Please support this site by adding a button on your site.  Thanks! 


8/15/00- Good News!
The relaunch of this site has finally happened.  After two months of this site being dead, I have finally teamed up with another webmaster to redesign this site in order to look better and contain more information.  We will also be trying to update this site as often as possible so look for more things to come.