Greetings and salutations, and welcome to my Slayerettes page.  The Slayerettes are mostly Buffy's friends, and one way or another have all discovered the secrets of the Hellmouth.  They help Buffy to slay demons nightly, despite being far less powerful than she is, and without fate determining their future.  They do the best they can to prevent further evil spreading in Sunnydale.  This page is dedicated to them, instead of Buffy, as almost all the pages I have encountered deal mostly with the slayer herself.  So surf around, and if you get time, please sign my guestbook or slambook (in the Interactive section.)  I hope you enjoy the page!
My thank-you's:
JOSS!  Yuka, Rednut, Jonas, Tomcat, Gus, Rhys, Nina, Liz, Nikki, Lauren, Moron, Seth, FRED (of course) and anyone I'm forgetting, love you all.
And of couse, to the rest of my friends and the truly
GREEN seniors!!!!!
The television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to UPN and Joss Whedon, or at least I'm pretty sure it does.  So, if I've done anything wrong, I'll stop it now.  And if there's anything on this page that offends, I'll remove it.  I'm only doing this because I love the show, no offense intended.
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