After a stint on Ryan's Hope, actor Sam Behrens moved from NY to LA and made a splash on daytime as General Hospital's Jake Meyer, a role he played from 1983-1988. He then jumped into primetime portraying the not-so-stable Danny Waleska on Knots Landing from 1989-1990. In January, 1997, Behrens returned to daytime as Gregory Richards on Sunset Beach, adding some veteran star power to NBC's new soap. 
As the head of the dysfunctional Richards family, Gregory typically has his hands full. But these days, he's even busier with the wacky woman -- Annie -- he decided to marry! (Little does he know that Annie married him to secure an inheritance from her dear departed dad.) Will Gregory ever realize that his grandson could actually be his son, stolen from his ex-wife at birth? And now this California community is about to be rocked to the core... Things are shakin' -- literally! -- this week on Sunset Beach. 

SODhost: Sam has joined us. Welcome, Sam!
BeaTruman asks: What can we expect after the earthquake hits?
SAM BEHRENS: Well that's hard to say, we haven't taped all that stuff yet. There is more tragedy than just the earthquake... actually kind of a lot, so one thing after another... What happens in the aftermath, nobody's sure right now, except maybe the writers! :) 
Beachpie asks: Do you think that Gregory has any clue what Annie is really up to?
SAM BEHRENS: I think I wouldn't put anything past Gregory and I mean anything. He's really got the best of everyone... So without me knowing, it's a good bet that he knows what's going on. 
Lesr58 asks: Are there times when you wish Gregory was not so mean?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, there are times when I make an effort not to make him a monster or a stereotyped bad guy because I think his motivations are honorable [but] his methods are all screwed up! He wants to maintain his family and make the best for them and all that sort of stuff. 
CozyHammock asks: Why is Gregory so mean to Olivia when it's obvious he still cares for her?
SAM BEHRENS: I'm really pleased that there is a relationship there that is that so complex, because that really reflects life. We're all too easy to accept the black and white without the grays and so many people can look at [a couple] and say, "Why are they together?" There is a deep seeded love between Gregory & Olivia [Lesley-Anne Down], and they can't get past it. She drinks because of it and he does all sorts of other stuff. So I'm kinda glad that it's not that easy to pin down. And I think the audience really senses that they really still love each other. 
Marycrj asks: Mr. Behrens, how does Gregory like being married to Annie? I am sure you make those scenes fun, as I've heard you're the resident jokester.
SAM BEHRENS: Who told you! It's great working with Sarah [Buxton] because she loves having fun, too... I kinda think it's the same way for Gregory, he gets a kick out of Annie because she's just like him. She's conniving and gets what she wants, is a lot of fun and is exciting and has an incredible body... she's a lot like Gregory! [Laughs] For me to say that and be on a show that has a lot of incredible bodies, everyone has to know I'm joking, okay?! 
Maria913 asks: Do you think Gregory will ever be nice to A.J.?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, there's a tough one... Their rivalry goes way back to college days, probably back to elementary school. It's deep-seeded. They may see moments, hints of compassion for each other, but I don't think they'll ever be friends. 
SunsetBeachAna asks: Do you think Gregory Jr. looks more like you or Cole?
SAM BEHRENS: I think he looks more like Aaron Spelling... Oh Gregory Jr., I'm sorry... thought you were talking about Sean [Randy Spelling]. ;-) I am suspect about this baby, because although he looks like Gregory, he's starting to develop these two little dimples in his cheeks, so I don't quite understand it. :D We have a lot of fun with Eddie's [Cibrian, Cole] dimples... I'm sure the women out there would love to have fun with Eddie's dimples, too. 
Stella_7997 asks: Are you guys going to be finding out that Caitlin's baby is really Olivia's anytime soon?
SAM BEHRENS: I want to be watching when Gregory finds out... if he does... I think it's going to depend on-- My notion is that if he finds out he's going to assume it's him. He's going to feel betrayed. If it turns out this child is Cole's then I wouldn't want to be around for the fireworks, I wouldn't want to know what Gregory would do. 
Oohay57 asks: Is Gregory accepting Cole or is he just preparing another attack?
SAM BEHRENS: Personally I don't know the answer, but knowing Gregory, he's not somebody who gives up easily, so I would think he's posturing for another attack. 
LeFemmeSA asks: Where were you born?
SAM BEHRENS: In a hospital! ;-) I was born in Brooklyn, New York. 
Lesr58 asks: Sam, what does your wife, Shari, think about your role?
SAM BEHRENS: I think she's kinda getting used to it. When we were dating, when our relationship was in its youth, I was doing Knots Landing and she swore she saw a side of me that scared her! So know she knows that I'm not going to wake up one morning and take out a machine gun, but I think she likes Gregory. Sometimes, I think she'd like me to be more like Gregory, and it pisses me off! 
PeacefulPenguin asks: As the ultimate psycho villain on Knots Landing, you were superb! Did you enjoy tormenting Joan van Ark and the others?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, I didn't personally enjoy tormenting Joan Van Ark [Val], I loved working with her, but I loved being tormenting to those people. It was a lot of fun. They enjoyed it, too. I had the most fun with Ted Shackleford [Gary]! [Once] I had to break his arm with a bat! And we had great fun with those scenes. See when little boys grow up, they like to beat each other up while women like to dress up and put makeup on. 
BeaTruman asks: Okay, gotta know, was it difficult shooting the dead drowned Danny shot on Knots?
SAM BEHRENS: That was one of the toughest days, 'cause I was in the water all day and we shot it 8 different ways because of all the different suspects. It was one of the toughest workdays, but a lot of fun. I just heard an interview with Charlton Heston and he said "Movie making is not fun, it's not meant to be fun, you work endless hours a day, in God knows what location" and I disagree, I think it's lots of fun. 
Charlie24t asks: You had great chemistry with Barbara Mandrell, it seemed like Gregory and Alex had some steamy backstory, and then she disappeared. What's up with that?
SAM BEHRENS: I don't know. I don't know if this is so... Barbara is a doll and I'm sure she has her favorite soaps and she wanted to make a change into acting and she came into the wildest medium in entertainment. Daytime is an endless amount of work, an hour a day, it's a madhouse and though she never showed signs of it, maybe she put her foot in the water and it was too cold, I don't know, I wasn't behind the scenes, but we got along great and had a good time. 
Beachpie asks: You did a wonderful job when Gregory Jr. died. What was the hardest part about doing those scenes?
SAM BEHRENS: The hardest part in acting ever is making circumstances real. That's what I think. It's so hard [that] a lot of actors don't do it. I don't think that actors are as moving as when they're moved themselves and it was pointed out to me as a variation on an Aristotle quote, "There's nothing better than watching an actor who's going through what he seems to be going through." That's the hardest part. It's a lot of work, it takes a lot to do [it]. I think the closer you get to that the better the product. I mean, I've never lost a child, so the only thing left to me is my imagination. It's a powerful tool but it takes a lot of imagining to get to that. A lot of actors will remember the day their girlfriend lost them, or the day their dog died, but it's so much more when you imagine and believe you're going through what the character is going through. It's a lot of work. Acting is simple, but it's not always easy. 
Charlie24t asks: Will Gregory have a baby with Annie?
SAM BEHRENS: You mean will Annie have a baby with Gregory. Gregory's had a few babies with Annie; she took over a jet plane, I think he had a baby then! I don't know I think looking from the outside in, I think they're going to get a lot of mileage off the Gregory/Annie/Olivia thing for a while. I guess we'll see when the contracts are up for re-negotiation ;-) 
SuBeGal asks: Sam, how did you get into this business?-Jess
SAM BEHRENS: I don't really know. I don't think I could've done anything else. Not that I couldn't if I wanted to, but I don't think I'd be happy doing anything else. 
Diva_134 asks: Will we be seeing any new surprises coming up for Gregory anytime soon?
SAM BEHRENS: You know I was about to get on the Internet and find that out myself! ;) If you know, the best thing to do is keep going around and around and around... Gregory's mean, then you see a light at the end of the tunnel... You just play that as long as possible.... So, yeah, there will be surprises coming up. 
Maya_May25 asks: Would you rather play a bad guy or a good guy?
SAM BEHRENS: Oh well... I would like to play a whole human being, whether it's good or bad. That's what I like to do. I like exposing humanity and the human condition. I would hate to play either if I had to be the stereotypical good guy, because good guys do bad things and I would hate to be a stereotypical bad guy, because bad guys do good things. I really want to express the whole person. 
Oohay57 asks: Do you or Sarah actually know how to fly a plane?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, Sarah I think knows how to fly, but I don't think it has to do with planes... and has nothing to do with anything illegal either! She's got a very free spirit. I used to be a pilot, I actually knew how to fly the jet that Gregory and Annie were on. 
NotRoebuck asks: SAM are you a true clotheshorse like on the show or more of a JEANS kinda guy?
SAM BEHRENS: You gotta talk to other people... I don't know. I'm surprised when people say my clothes match. Every once in a while, I make an effort. All I see is a lot of people laughing when I walk down the halls, I don't know what that means. 
_Aurora_14 asks: Do you watch the show at all? Even though you do some of it... Do you ever watch yourself?
SAM BEHRENS: I go through periods of watching and not watching... it's difficult to watch. I know actors who watch themselves and say "Ooh that was good." It's almost like hearing yourself on a tape recorder, but you're seeing everything. 
Salem_girl_Kim21 asks: Is Sunset Beach going to be cancelled? Please say no.
SAM BEHRENS: No, I don't think it will. I think it has a really good chance of sticking around. It's the only new and promising thing on the board, and I know the intent of everyone involved is to make it better and better and better. We have a great cult following, and great fans. I have a cousin in college and he says all they talk about is Sunset Beach. This is not said disparagingly, but the soaps we have are old soaps and have the same stuff and I think that's why younger kids have taken to our show. I think what's interesting about the show is what could be. 
Aprilrogers asks: How is Sunset Beach different from the other shows you have been on?
SAM BEHRENS: Well it's new, it's green, it hasn't been lost in the mold of habit and you know you start off a show, it has to find its own way, its own legs to stand on. When you walk into an established show, you have to find you niche -- the building's already there. 
Beachpie asks: Is there anything that you would do that Gregory would not be caught dead doing?
SAM BEHRENS: LOL... I'm much sillier than Gregory is. I'm sillier in love. I have a license plate that reflects my love for my wife, I mean, Gregory would never do that. We talk baby talk, and Gregory would never do that with Olivia! Maybe they should... Hmmm... 
DebAZ071508 asks: Since leaving GH have you kept up with Bobbie's many husbands?
SAM BEHRENS: LOL... Well they're all friends of mine, so who is there but Brad [Maule, Tony]? Well Stephen's [Nichols, Stefan] a friend of mine. Brad's a friend of mine... I should have dinner with these guys and we'll talk about our ex-wife. The group at GH was just terrific. I can see Jackie [Zeman, Bobbie] after not seeing her for years and it's like it was then... same with Brad, Tony Geary [Luke], Kin Shriner [Scotty, PC]. It was quite a group. Demi Moore [ex-Jackie] was part of that group at one time, John Stamos [ex-Blackie], Jack Wagner [ex-Frisco, now Peter on Melrose]... 
Lesr58 asks: What do you like to do in your spare time when not acting?
SAM BEHRENS: Mostly like to play golf. And play with my computer. 
NotRoebuck asks: I hear you are a big golfer. WHO would you like to play golf with Pres. Clinton, Tiger Woods, or Jack Nicklaus?
SAM BEHRENS: Wow. Wow... Well, let's make it a foursome. I don't know if I'd like to play golf with Tiger Woods, maybe he's different playing casually, but to play with a pro, it would be a lesson in concentration and focus. I'm sure [it would be] the same with Jack Nicklaus. So I guess if I were playing with the President we wouldn't have to worry about anyone else on the course with all those secret service men... and Bill Clinton would probably let his hair down. I didn't say zipper did I? And I'm sure Tiger and Jack would, too... I did meet Arnold Palmer once. I guess playing with Tiger he wouldn't be talking too much. I'd love to caddy for Tiger Woods. 
Maya_May25 asks: Who do you see as a mentor or role model? Why did you choose them?
SAM BEHRENS: The first name that pops up is Spencer Tracy and it's probably because he was so real all the time. You watch his movies and, I don't care how old you are, what era you're from, you can't take your eyes off him. He doesn't look like a movie star, he has none of that going for him, but he's just exquisite in all he does. There are more modern day ones, like Robert Duvall. Even in what little he did in Deep Impact he was phenomenal. Even in that last instance when that woman says to him, "It was a pleasure serving under you," his short response was done very simply and just the way that guy would do it and that's remarkable. We should all be approaching it that way. And because he did it so simply, to me, it was so moving. 
SB_Heat_98 asks: I heard that you play a lot of pranks on your castmates. Which one to this date was your favorite?
SAM BEHRENS: I can't say. 'Cause I did one on Lesley Anne, and she loved it, but I can't say... I'm surprised that I didn't get fired for it! She's got a great sense of humor. 
Aprilrogers asks: In what ways are you like Gregory?
SAM BEHRENS: We're about the same height and size... ;-) 
SB_Heat_98 asks: What's your favorite food?
SAM BEHRENS: I tend more to have a favorite dish at each restaurant I like to frequent. So my wife and I are going to this Italian restaurant tonight and I will have the same dish I always have, Veal Parmigian. They make the best Veal Parmigian that I've ever had. There's a restaurant in NY that I don't know is still around, but they were the best. I still get kidded every time I go in, "What are you going to have???" And it's not always the same, sometimes a different appetizer! 
Beachpie asks: Who is at the brunt of most of your pranks?
SAM BEHRENS: It's not so much pranks that I pull as just have a lot of fun on the set. Eddie Cibrian and I go at it a lot.. Lesley-Anne and I have a lot of fun. We'll pull something different that's not the lines... put some prop somewhere it's not to be. Eddie has a great sense of humor too, he's fun to play with. 
Marycrj asks: How do you like your scenes with Kathleen Noone? I just love to see the banter between your characters.
SAM BEHRENS: Kathleen Noone [Bette] -- it's like working with Katherine Hepburn, she is just the ultimate professional. If you like the banter, it's because there's banter there. Kathleen just takes it and gives it right back. She's terrific. There's a reason she has such a long career. 
Oohay57 asks: Can you tell us any of the victims of the "Shockwave"?
Lesr58 asks: Of all the soaps you have starred in, which soap is your personal favorite?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, I've yet to star in one, but I only did three. I mean, I did Ryan's Hope way back for year, can't count that.. did 4 years on GH, and now... I consider myself lucky -- with all the junk that goes on in this business -- to be able to work with people who are talented and professional. I've been fortunate on GH, Sunset Beach and Knots Landing... I've heard horror stories and it wouldn't be worth the money and taking blood pressure medicine to have to deal with that. 
Maya_May25 asks: What do you think is Gregory's ultimate flaw?
SAM BEHRENS: His strength and his weakness is probably the same... the lengths he will go to to get what he wants. Sociopathy comes in when he doesn't see anything wrong with it and thinks he's doing the right thing for his family. 
NotRoebuck asks: Hmmm... Why do you take so much crap off of BETTE? Does she have something on Gregory?
SAM BEHRENS: I think their relationshhip goes back and I think that everybody has that kind of relationship with someone who can say [anything]. Back in the days of king there were jesters who could say anything... that was their job... they could say anything to the king. Now Bette is not the court jester, but she's one of the only people who can say the truth to Gregory. 
MissKim1011 asks: Any other projects coming up other than Sunset Beach?
SAM BEHRENS: Sunset Beach takes up 26 hours a day, 8 days a week. 
_Aurora_14 asks: Do you think Gregory will stay with Annie?
SAM BEHRENS: I don't know if they'll stay together and stay married, but I think they'll always have a soft spot for one another, if soft spot is the right word... 
Maria_joy asks: Where did you film all the Earthquake scenes at?
SAM BEHRENS: All were done at the studio. 

SB_Heat_98 asks: I heard you're good friends with Peter Barton [ex-Eddie]. Who else do you enjoy playing golf with?
SAM BEHRENS: Let's see... Eddie, Clive [Robertson, Ben] and that's the usual... I used to enjoy playing golf with Gary [Tomlin], the producer, but he's too busy lately... I can't imagine why? ;-) 
Clouds16270 asks: This isn't a question, but I want to let you know that I totally love Sunset Beach and I think you are such a great actor!! But I wish your character didn't divorce Olivia, you guys were meant to be together.
SAM BEHRENS: Well, I'm glad you see that. A lot of us feel that way. So who knows? I don't think their relationship is over yet... And thank you. 
Jo_Vin asks: Do you think that Gregory will ever repair his relationship with his son, Sean?
SAM BEHRENS: You know that snotty little kid... How ungrateful can you be ;-)... I think there's a lot of stuff they have to get through for that to happen and relationships like that usually... well one of three things happen. Nothing happens, they die hating each other and that's it... or they come to an understanding and realize what's important in life, or they go through some kind of epiphany either separately or together and brings them closer. All I know is that I had a great time slapping him, and his father Aaron called me to thank me... No, I'm kidding ;-) 
NIKEGIRL321 asks: Is it really cold shooting on the beach?
SAM BEHRENS: Not for me. I always have my clothes on. :-D But I feel for some of these guys and girls who have to put on a bathing suit at 5 or 6 in the morning and go in that cold Pacific Ocean. That can't be fun. 
CozyHammock asks: Sam, what's your favorite movie?
SAM BEHRENS: Oh my... Well the first thing that comes to my mind is my very favorite, It's a Wonderful Life. 
Maya_May25 asks: What do you consider is your greatest achievement?
SAM BEHRENS: Ooh... I guess the fact that I'm not in jail somewhere now. I'm kidding about it, but I'd have to say My Self. But I know that sounds narcissistic... but where I came from and I guess I'm proud of myself for going the right way. 
_Aurora_14 asks: Who do you think Gregory loves more? Annie or Olivia?
SAM BEHRENS: Oh, Olivia. 
Jamie324563 asks: What do you think you would be doing if you weren't acting?
SAM BEHRENS: I don't know. I suppose I'd be doing something in show business, but I don't know what it would be. 
NotRoebuck asks: Gregory has a slight mean streak. Was he ever abusive to Olivia or just threatening to her?
SAM BEHRENS: I don't think he ever hit her. But I think he was, yeah, emotionally abusive. 
SBcool asks: What will happen to your character once you find out that your baby is still alive and Annie stole him?
SAM BEHRENS: Well, I don't know. I imagine they're going to have to take my hands off of her neck. 
Spiral_Equator asks: Waiting for the big one tomorrow.
SAM BEHRENS: I'm looking forward to it, too. There was a lot of time spent on it, I'm anxious to see it, too. It's going to be an event. 
SODhost: Thank you, Sam! And thank you all for joining us! 
SAM BEHRENS: I hope everyone's having as much fun with the show as we are doing it! Thanks for chatting tonight!