here is where you can find out about matthew mailing lists! first off, we have Dsd915-discussion. Click on the above link, or send blank email to

Next up we have the RPG! Currently, we have dazed and confused and ed tv that are looking for members before we start the rpg. this list is to RP all of matt's movies/tv shoes/whatever he appears in (that means te bill murray elephant movie--larger than life can be RP. he plays he crazy trucker. hard to tell, huh?)To find more info, or to subscribe vvia the web site, please go to Dsd915-rpg. You can also subscribe by email. Send Blank Email to

Please be sure to check out the welcome url listed in the welcome letter. The current character Roster is also there. You should bookmark them, but as long as you have onelist and you have your member email addy and password, you should be fine. the urls are in the book mark section, and the roster url will be sent out once a week. (the welcome url is linkled to the roster url.)

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