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Winner as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Daytime drama is:

intere1.jpg (8010 bytes)After 19 nominations the streak is finally over.  Year after year we have all tuned into the Daytime Emmys to see if this would finally be Susan's year.  Yes, Susan Lucci, as the unforgettable Erica Kane indeed does have it all.


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Erica Kane is the sexy, temptress who uses her whiles to get what she wants.   When the word villainous is used Erica Kane immediately comes to mind.  For almost 30 years now we love to hate her.

Erica Kane is beautiful and there is no denying that.  One of her strengths is her amazing beauty. Some men are threatened by her beauty others under estimate her because of it.  Does Erica use her beauty to her advantage?  You bet she does!

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