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You Must Remember This.....

Throughout the years, Tad&Dixie shared numerous tender, funny, romantic, heart wrenching moments that warmed the hearts of several AMC fans, earning them the well deserved title of "beloved supercouple" .When M-H called upon the T&Dholics on AOL to pick their all-time favorite scene, she received numerous comments about how there were just too many moments to pick from and that picking just one moment was an impossible task. "Gee whiz, that's like setting a bottle of vodka in front of Hayley and telling her don't touch! It's impossible!!!" (Great comment Janet!!). Here are a few unforgettable Tad&Dixie moments that have melted AMC viewers' hearts.

Tad and Dixie right after Dixie has given birth to Adam Jr

"The best Tad and Dixie scene was after Dixie gave birth to Adam Jr. She had a really hard delivery and almost died. Adam Sr. didn't even have the decency to go visit her in the recovery room after. The creep just sat there at the nursery window admiring his heir. He didn't care about Dixie at all. When Dixie woke up in the recovery room, the first person she saw was Tad (her absolute best friend). He had put on a hospital uniform to sneak in to see her. He said, "The baby's OK -- he's more than OK -- he's beautiful -- he's incredible...and so are you! Dixie Cooney you are the bravest woman I have ever met in my entire life." Dixie smiled at him, (that girl has a smile of an angel), but was still very groggy. Tad said, "Oh no, that's OK, you're supposed to be tired -- you worked hard today -- just close your eyes and just relax. Dixie gently fell back to sleep. Tad just stared at her, and finally said out loud, "I love you Dixie Cooney." God just typing out this scene brings tears to my eyes. This poor girl was totally being used and manipulated by Adam Sr. and just didn't have a clue. That was a very touching scene. If you felt nothing after watching that scene, you must have ice in your veins! (AMC010570)

Tad, Cecily and Nico get Dixie out of Laurel Hill

"There have been so many, but my favorite is when Nico & Cecily helped Tad get Dixie out of the Nuthouse and Tad and Dixie ran into the police and Tad and Dixie pretended to be these goof-balls. They both are hysterically funny together and the chemistry just shines".(JKu360)

Tad and Dixie in the abandoned store and "The Test"

"My favorite scene (one of many, of course!) was the one in the abandoned shack when Tad finally got to kiss Dixie for real! I liked it because it was just sooo romantic! "you love me. I love me (smiles). And I love you too. That's all there is... come here". THAT KISS WAS FANTASTIC!!! And she swooned! Can you believe it?? And then I loved the test he gave her. Her responses were so cute! And when he told her to close her eyes... she does and then opens them and says, "no funny stuff!" I thought that was sooo cute too ".(Eva)

Tad and Dixie right after Adam's Masquerade Ball

"I just LOVED it when Dixie got Junior back after the Ball, and she, Tad, Cecily, Nico, the Martins... went to Cortland Manor. After Dixie and Tad put little Junior to bed, Dixie told Tad how much she loved him, and Tad said that from now on it would be the 3 of them. Dixie looked at him, smiled and said that maybe someday it would be the 4 of them... sigh... I thought that was the sweetest line ever. There have been many other unforgettable and very romantic moments, but none of them melted my heart the way this scene did. Ever since then, I've been waiting for them to have a baby... waiting for over 8 years and it still hasn't happened... Maybe someday we'll get to see our favorite couple holding little Jenny Nola Martin (they HAVE to have a girl!). "(M-H)

Tad&Dixie's 1st honeymoon

"My favorite scene was their first honeymoon night. I'll never forget the tenderness, and gentleness in which they shared. The naive Dixie, being in worldly Tad's loving arms! I think that is the sweetest scene ever!" (Susan H.)

Tad&Dixie right after Tad saved her from Billy Clyde

"I don't know if it's my favorite, but I love the scene after Tad saved Dix from Billy Clyde and they're in the hospital. Dixie asks if Tad can forgive her and if they have another chance. He's speechless at first and she looks heartbroken and says, "Nevermind. Forget it." Then, he interrupts her and tells her he's never stopped loving her and never stopped wanting her back.
They kiss and he goes to Brooke's to break it off! Oh, it was wonderful and I still remember the music! (Curtis)

Tad FINALLY finding Dixie in NYC

"I really liked all the episodes where Tad came back from the dead and was trying to track down Dixie in NYC. Oh and the moment they saw each other...I was SOOO happy! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have to say that it was worth the wait...Can't wait to see what their reunion will be like once Dixie returns to PV". (Suzanne)

"My favorite scene (and HOW ON EARTH do you think I can pick just one?) I guess would have to be when Tad finds Dixie at the apartment in New York and he has to convince her through the door that it's really him (after his amnesia bout). It's my favorite because we had to wait two long years for that to happen. Now if only it could happen again...." (Janet)

"I just LOVED Tad&Dixie's NY reunion! That was the most romantic moment ever! I cried so hard when Dixie opened the door and was reunited with her one true love. It was all so romantic..."(Brooke)

"My favorite T&D scene would have to be the New York reunion. I love it because it shows the unbelievable chemistry that MEK and Cady share. I mean, even when they are separated by a door, the pull between them is undeniable! And then when Dixie realizes it is Tad and lets him in...look out!!! They are so passionate and perfect together that it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!" (Kerry)

I think the most memorable Tad and Dixie episode is their reunion in New York. It was worth the wait! (Jeanette)

"Oh I just LOVE their Napa reunion!!! We waited SO long for it to happen!! You could feel the heat between T&D. You knew that they were the one and only for each other!! sooooo romantic! ".(MnMmom)

"My favorite scene is the first one I purposely saved. It was in Napa when Tad said to Dixie... "I never stopped loving you... not for one, single, solitary minute". This was when I became a T&D fan big time!".(Anna)

Tad and Dixie in Canada

"One of my all-time favorite T&D scenes would have to be when Dixie is hanging from a cliff in Canada, while she remembers some great moments she spent with the two most important people in her life: Tad and Junior. That song they played was so beautiful, so perfect... (I still catch myself humming it every so often when I'm doing household chores!!) Oh and I just melted when Tad "swung" to Dixie's rescue... sigh... how romantic... I love this scene because it shows how GREAT an actress Cady is (I was impressed when I found out that she did all her own stunts!), and it also shows how T&D are survivors! Long live DIXIE AND TAD!!!!! (Sabrina)

Christmas Eve 1993

"My most memorable moment of Tad and Dixie will always be Christmas Eve 1993 when Hayley opened the door at Ruth and Joe's and there stood the perfect family-Tad, Dixie, Junior and Jamie. I just thought I would burst with joy!! I was crying, beating the floor, hollering "yes, yes, yes!!!". It was so unexpected and surprising. I thought "for once the writers gave us what we wanted". It was the best Christmas present!! To me, it meant that Tad and Dixie were really "Together Forever". (Sheila)

Dixie's exit from Pine Valley (and Tad's life)

"The one scene that keeps coming to mind is the day Dixie left for good. I can still see the ring on the desk, and her walking out the door. That look she gave as she left tore my heart apart. I was crushed and cried my eyes out. It got to me because as a married woman myself, you have your good days and you have your bad days, even days when you think of chucking it all. But NEVER does the ring come off. That's taboo!! They made it seem so final, there was no turning back. In my fantasy, Tad picks up the ring that Dixie left and keeps it in a special box, because he knows that one day his other half will come home to reclaim what is hers." (T.C.)

Sniff, sniff... This was truly one of the saddest scenes I have ever watched. I cried and cried and cried when Dixie said goodbye to Tad and left her life in Pine Valley behind to start anew in Pigeon Hollow with Junior. Who can forget how Dixie broke down after Tad left her at Adam's? or the sadness in Tad's eyes when he couldn't promise that he was never going to hurt her again? Please bring Dixie back to Pine Valley (where she belongs!) SOON!!!!!!

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