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Welcome to The Ezra Hurtaholics Fanfiction Web Page.
Your one stop shopping place for all Ezra torture all the time.
If your twisted, depraved, or just like to let your sadistic side run free, then this is the place for you.

** This site was created due to an idea by Michelle **

The Ezra Hurtaholics Fanfiction Ratings:

Totally sadistic:
"Hey! Watch where your pointing that thing!"
"Ouch! That hurt."
"Excuse me, Mr. Jackson. I require your services."
"What are you doing to me? NO!"
"Dear God! Somebody, please HELP ME!"

New Additions:

From Whence Cometh My Help - added August 18th
Remount - added August 16th
At The Hand Of Antiquity - added August 15th
There For You - added August 15th
Desperate Measures - added August 15th
Fire In The Night - added August 15th

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