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Site Updates

Sun. Jan. 7,2001.  It's been a while
now that i have gold and silver i am planing some more sections to the site!
and to anyone who uses the "ask Professer" if i didn't answer you i have been very busy. and i am planing more updates to it, thank you.


Wed. Sept. 13,2000. News changes
I made some small changes, now the Pokemon news is in its own page under "Pokč News"


Thurs. Aug 3,2000. Some small changes
We now have a Flash chat room up!

Made some changes to the colors. 
-getting a Fanfic up.
-the maps are mostly done, go to Pokčmon R/B and then click maps.
and we may be getting a new staff member.


Tues, July 11,2000. New Layout!!

As you can see we now have a new layout!
this one is more original and a better design.


Thur. June 22,2000. A site is closing: is going to close down :( as far as we know it will happen around June 24, just a few more days.

Wed. June 21,2000. update to the site:

We now have the "ask Professer" and "get our award" forms up.

Thur. May 25,2000. update: 

Ok now we have a new layout, it's a little different than the other but this is easier to update.

Mon. May.8,2000. any one out there? 

sorry for not updating in a long time but I'm doing a web site for some one and it's taking a lot of time. I hope to have a TCG section up soon!
that's all for now I'll update soon.

Thur. Mar.9,2000. is it worth it?: 

the Pokčmon stadium review is now up just go to reviews then click Pokčmon stadium

Wed. Mar.1,2000. Get you're award here: 

The Get my award section is now up!
go there and apply