Welcome to "Album Two" of "The Photo Album" ...

This album contains photographs taken during Chew Chor Meng's outdoor promotions/ performances ... Either for his upcoming drama serial or on special outdoor events hosted by a particular company. If you would like to contribute, please send the photographs (scanned) to my e-mailbox as attachments. For more details to sending photographs (by e-mail), please refer to "The Photo Album". All contributions will be named.

This collection of photographs is contributed by He Huining
These are taken during an outdoor performance at the Singapore Science Centre during the " POSB Bash " organised by POSB. There are 8 photographs altogether in this collection.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture. Please note that the quality of the thumbnails do not reflect on the quality on the original photograph.

This collection of photographs were taken at the recent outdoor promotion of "Wok of Life" at Eastpoint on 280399 at 3pm. Enjoy ! (8 photographs in all)

This next collection was kindly granted by Webmistress of Singapore(TCS) Idols Photos Express, Fiona, to be put up here! It's taken at an outdoor promotion for an album (Nan Yan Zhi Yin) produced by some TCS male artistes.(10 photos in all)


Urgent Appeal !

If you have any photographs that was taken at the recent promotions (at Eastpoint/Lot 1) of "Wok of Life", I appeal to you to mail me either the negatives or the photographs at my home address(send an email to me if you want my home add.) or if you have a scanner, kindly scanned the photographs and email them as attachments to me ! I believe that you would want to share your contributions with others who are also CCM's fans !

Yours Sincerely,


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