Welcome to "Album Five" of "The Photo Album"...

In this album, you will be able to find photographs of Chew Chor Meng's character portrayal in a particular drama serial... Sometimes, the photographs of the female lead (acting opposite Chew Chor Meng) will also be available...

Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture. Please note that the quality of the thumbnails do not reflect on those of the originals.

Collection One : Immortal Love

Exclusive Photographs of Florence Tan !

Collection Two : Adventures of Wisely & Riding the Storm

* The 1st three photographs are from "The New Adventures of Wisely"

Collection Three : Wok of Life

Plus Postcards Pictures of Ann and Evelyn (3 each)From the Wok of Life Recipe Series !!!

If You Want To See More Pictures of Your Favourite Artistes...
Go & Get The Wok of Life Recipe Series Now (at $18 each)!!!

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