Fulfill Your Dream To See His Every Photograph ...

On this page, you can see an imagemap which will lead you to the various galleries in this part of the website. In the 8 different galleries, you will get to see the different aspects of Chew Chow Meng, whether during public performances, in the different magazines like I-Magazine, 8-days, etc., or in photographs from the Mediacity.

I hope you will enjoy you stay in this section of the website and if you have any photographs that you would like to contribute to this website, please send them as attachments to me at my e-mailbox and I will put them up in the respective sections/categories which are suitable for them. All contributions will be named. Please contribute as much as possilble ! Thanks!

Guidelines for Sending Photographs by e-mail

1. Please send the scanned photographs as attachments.
2. If photographs are taken at an outdoor promotion/event, please state the date / time / place / name of the event.
3. Include your name in the sending of photographs, this is for naming purposes.
4. Please have the subject of the email as "Photographs of Chew Chor Meng".

That's all! Please support to make this a better site! If you have any queries, please email me also. Thanks!

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