Control Agents
Study this list & be on a lookout. These are the only people between us & the world. If known, their alter-egos are given after their numbers or code names.

Admiral Hargrave: William Schallert
Agent 12
Agent 17: Has appeared in human form & disguised as monkey
Agent 25
Agent 27
Agent 29: Lawyer
Agent 38
Agent 42
Agent 43
Agent 54
Agent 56
Agent 58
Agent 71
Agent 86: Maxwell Smart: Don Adams
Agent 95: Went into politics
Agent 99: Barbara Feldon
Agent 99
Agent B-17: Parrot
Agent Charlie Watkins: Master of disguise: Angelique
Agent Fred Brown
Agent K-13: Fang Agent Whittaker: Irwin Charowe
Agent X: European division
Charlie Watkins: Angelique
Control Chief Sususi Sakamoto: Frank Kumagai
Lum Fong: Control cipher expert
Muchkin: Jerry Maren
Penwick: Turned black from electric fence
Smithers: Deciphering
Standish: Head of Administration: Pitt Herbert

Control's hidden agents.
These are Control agents who hide in strange places. Keep a sharp eye out for them.

Agent 13: Dave Ketchum: Hidden in towel steamer, trashcan, cigarette vending machine, mailbox, couch
Agent 34: Hidden in locker, dinner tray
Agent 44: Victor French & Al Molinaro: Hidden in duffel bag, Bass fiddle case, baby buggy, washing machine, mailbox, frozen food locker, stove, medicine chest
Agent 93: Hidden in couch with agent 13

Control Trainees
Let's get these boys quick before they become full agents

Agents 198 & 199: Caruso & Lundy (Not said who is which number): Vic Grecco & Fred Willard
Grillak: Leo Gordon
Zukor: Henry Brandon

Control Agents Killed in action:
If we only had more like these, Kaos would have no problems taking the world!

Agent 23-KIA
Agent 41
Agent 46
Agent 48
Agent 49-KIA
Agent 51
Agent 52-KIA-Don Ross
Agent 53
Agent 73: Logan Field
Agent 74: Marc London
Agent 77
Agent 81-KIA-Dave Cameron
Agent 82-KIA
Agent 83-KIA
Agent 84-KIA
Agent 85-KIA
Agent Rudolph Hubert: KIA: Andre Phillipe

Maxwell Smart's Cover Names
These are a few of the cover names used by Control Agent 86

Alexander Loomis
Arnold Kitmus: furrier to the stars
Bill Banford
Fritz Braun
Gregory Wilcox: music magazine writer
Jimmy Balentine
Melvion Spearman
Milton Steeple
Stanley Maxwell

Agent 99 cover names
Greta Braun
Melissa Westbrook

Chief's cover name
Harold Clark

Control Scientists & Aides & Contacts
These crumbs actually help Control. Watch for them as well.

99's Mother: Doesn't know her daughter's a spy: Jane Dulo
Alex Chain: Dick Patterson
Arrick: Roger Price
Doctor Minelli: Del Close
Doctor Stubing:
Dr. Bascomb: George Nes
Dr. Canyon: inventor of invisible spray: defected from Kaos: Lyn Peters
Dr. Carleton: Frank DeVol
Dr. Hans Svenson: Nancy Walters
Dr. Leviathon: Pat Houtchen
Dr. McTavish
Dr. Steele: Chemist: Undercover as exotic dancer: Ellen Weston
Dr. Waldo Smith: Howard Caine
Ernst: British spy: KIA: Bill Glover
Harry Hoo: Joey Forman
Henry Ratcheck: Windish's Asst.
Hobson: Gordon Jump
Hodgkins: Brian O'Byrne
Larabee: Robert Karvelas
Lin Chan: Leonard Strong
Lopez: Lewis Charles
Marco: KIA: Billy Barty
Miguel: Jack Ragotzy
Parker: Milton Selzer
Perkins: finance: Paul B. Price
Prof. Carlson: Stacy Keach
Prof. Sontag: For Rainy
Prof. Windish
Quigley: CIA agent: Bill Dana
Sid Krimm: Temporarily Deputized: Don Rickles
Watson: Dean of Spy School: Byron Morrow