Control Gadgets, Weapons & Inventions
This never-ending list is just a small portion of the gadgets available to Control. More info as it becomes available.

27F cigarette lighter: .22 cal. gun
3-way gun: Shoots 3 directions, straight & to the sides
A.A.A.M.M.: Anti-anti-anti-missile-missile
Absorbo pills: Soaks up alcohol in drinks
Aluminum Knuckle: Cheap brass knuckles
Anti-Hypnotic pill
Apple mini-tape-recorder: Tape-recorder hidden in apple
Baby Buggy: Has machine guns & cannon that shoot from the front
Baby doll tape recorder
Banana microphone: Microphone hidden in banana
Belt Buckle hacksaw
Belt buckle with hidden tape recorder
Bino-specs: Glasses with binoculars attached to them
Blinker light ear-rings: For signaling
Blinker light pen: For signaling
Bowler cap gas mask
Briefcase with grappling hook & rope, retractable ladder, camera, flashlight & parachute
Briefcase with handcuffs. Gives alarm when chain is yanked. Also gives 500 volts if wrong key used on it.
Briefcase with Television in inner lid
Bullet Proof Bandages: Worn by Max
Bullet Proof cummerbund
Bullet-Proof Pajamas
Camera-tape-recorder: A tape-recorder that looks like a camera
Chauffer hat camera: Hidden camera in hat
Chief has hidden TV in desk
Cigarette lighter gun
Compact with small information computer.
Concussion Pellet Cone of Silence: Supposed to keep conversations private. Never works correctly
Container Tie: Holds liquid. Has spigot
Crutch gun
Detect-O tune: Can identify melodies
Electric snake: Decoy
Electro-retro-gresser gun: Turns adult minds into children
Escape balloon in a suitcase.
Expando Rice: Like plastic explosive
False Hands: to escape cuffs
False nose gas mask
FB 600: Chief's car. Has 2-50 cal. Machine guns, radar operating tracking device, high frequency distress signal.
Finger gun: 22 cal. Finger. Has 2 shots
Fingerprint pencil: Specially treated to pick up fingerprints
Fingerprint rolls: Edible rolls treated for picking up fingerprints
Fire Extinguisher Slide Projector: In Chief's Office
Flashlight Gun: Flashlight shaped like gun
Flower microphone
Fly transmitter device: Swatted by Max
Hair brush revolver: 32 cal.: 3 brushes & it shoots
Hammer pistol: 45 cal.
Hand held computer: Credit card sized
Helio-coat: allows wearer to float a foot over the ground by use of balloons
Ice cube listening device
Idento-man: Dummy with interchangable face parts to identify criminals
Ignito Paste: Toothpaste that acts as a fuse for Expando Rice
Immobilo: Causes temporary paralysis. Peaches give immunity.
Impact Plastic Explosive
Inflato-Coat: Coat with fake hands on it.
Inflato-Girl: Blow up date
Invisible icing for writing secret messages on cakes. Can be seen with special filter.
Jacket with carbon copy lining
Kids life preserver with horse head & gun
Knock-out lipstick
Laser Pen
Leaf notepad: Notepad made of leaves
Lie pills: Makes you lie
Lightbulb Listening device
Lipstick homing device
Magic-ear listening device: Giant electric ear that enables super hearing
MARCO 512: Sonic gun
Max's car: Machine gun exhaust pipe, poison gas radiator, hand grenade cigarette lighter, self-destruct gas pedal, steering wheel phone, cigarette lighter phone
Micro-camera: Small camera
Mini T.H. (Torpedo Hammer): Has miniature explosive in tip. For setting off torpedoes.
Mini-gun: .1 cal. poison pin that kills instantly
Mini-mouzer (cannon): Invented by Professor Peter Pekenpaw
Mini-tuning fork in watch
Mirrored cufflinks: Small mirrors on cuffs
Mustache kit: For disguise
Needle ring: For giving injections
Parking meter-ticker tape
Phono watch: Mini-phonograph player
Plastic lips
Pocket disintergrator pen: Laser shooting pen
Poison gas lighter
Portable cone of silence
Raft in a suitcase.
Razor edged bowler hat: Ala Odd Job
Retractable Pole Vault
Secret message business card: Real message seen by holding up to light
Security chain
Silent explosive for opening doors
Silver dollar microphone bug
Sleeping Gas Pen Gun
Smoke Screen Pellet
Soupbowl camera: Set off by spoon hitting bottom of bowl
Staircase in Chief's office under his desk.
Steel tipped shoes with hidden compartments in heels
Strata shoes: Compressed gas in heels hovers wearer about 5 feet high
Suction Cups Climbing Shoes: For climbing walls
Suicide Pill T-37 wrist communicator
Tape-recorder book
Tape-recorder-Camera: A camera that looks like a tape-recorder
Tear gas pen
The Laser Blazer: Blazer jacket with laser beam button
Tie Clip "Mickey" container: Small container in tie-clip.
Toy Duck gun
Umbrella gun with camera in handle
Violin gun
Watch with colapsable antenna to reach objects
Wristwatch strangling wire: garrote wire X-11 Laser Powered Missile

Max's apartment gadgets & inventions
These are some of the gadgets installed in Control Agent 86, Maxwell Smart's apartment. Remember them as we find our Agents at his apartment a lot.

Backwards opening door
Button that releases lions (not shown)
Ceiling Net: Activated by pressure on the edge of desk
Chair with gun: Set off by sitting in chair
Cigar case with phone
Dial-a-fact: Max invention. Briefcase with rotary dial. Pops up letter dialed
Invisible Wall: Protective wall
Lamp Drawer: Activated by button. Hits opponent in stomach
Light Club: Activated by seltzer bottle
Locks inside panel in door
Maxwell Smart silohwhette on the window shade
Mini-phone under regular phone
Phone gun: Dial 117 to shoot
Roll up Rug
Second inner Door on Door Sleeping Gas Chair: Shoots sleeping gas as person sits.
Spear that falls from above on steps
Suction Fire Place: Sucks close objects up fire place
Telephone tape-recorder hidden in plant
Vase with projectile bottom
Zipper in door

Control Phones & Radios
Most of Control's gadgets we find are concealed phones. Here are a few of these gadgets. More info as it becomes available.

Belt Phone
Bo Peep Staff phone
Bunson burner phone
Car radiator phone
cologne bottle radio
Comb phone
compact phone
Cuckoo clock phone
Eyeglasses phone
Fireplace log phone
Fire Hydrant Phone
Garter Phone
Handkerchief Phone
Hatchet Radio
Ice cream cone phone
Magazine Phone
Microscope phone
Pen phone
Plant phone
Sandwich phones: Comes in cheese, peanut butter, egg salad & imported liverwurst
Shoe-phone: Max's phone is connected to his vest buttons. One button lights up giving a silent "ring". Another button puts people on hold.
Snow shoe phone
Steer(bull)-horn phone: In Chief's office
Stopwatch video communicator
Test tube phone
Thermos phone
Tie Phone
Wallet phone
Wristwatch phone
Transmitter dog collar: Has video camera
Cigarette Lighter Radio: In car
Steering wheel phone: In car

Kaos gadgets
Available to all our evil agents.

Audio sensitive high intensity explosive apparatus: Set off by dog barking
Bird Bomb: A bomb that looks like a bird
Bracelet knife
Brain Washing Pill
Briefcase gun
Cigarette Pack Bomb: Bomb in a cigarette pack
Conductor's baton gun
Crutch gun
Drowning phone-booth trap: Booth locks & fills with water.
Electric Grass: Like electric fence
Explosive Paints: Three types. Timed, sound & pressure activated.
False nose gas mask
Feather duster phone
Flower Bug: Listening device
Foot cast hand grenade
Gun in a rabbit
Invisible Gun: Doesn't really work
Knock-out gas book
Knock-out gas dirt
Listening device gun: for listening at a distance
Micro-thread: thread with secret messages written on it
Mortar mortar
Olive transmitter
Peace button phone
Pen hypodermic: for giving injections
Plastic solution: spray on plastic turns people to mannequins
Poison lipstick
Poison squirt ring: Ring holds liquid
Ring camera
Stereophonic pistols: Is a radio, not a gun
Tape-recorder toast
Tie camera
TK800: Formula for tranquilizer bomb
Tranquilizer pellet bullets
Truth steam
Twin-channeled Flute Dart Gun
Water-activated bomb in the Bon-Bon box

Misc gadgets & inventions
Here are some gadgets that were neither invented by Kaos or Control but can be used for our purposes.

Inthermo Ray: Invented by Hugo Dante (Vito Scotti) Intense heat ray.
Invisible formula spray: Created by Kaos defector Dr. Canyon