Casino Evil

Goodbye Ms. Chip

Shooting Up the Charts

Passenger 99

Wurst Enemies

Liver Let Die

Here's a brief synopsis of the 4 episodes I have on tape

Pilot-Zach Smart & Agent 66 go undercover at a fashion show & find out Kaos agent Larz, a fashion designer is stealing a new indestructable fabric called Du-Traculon

Casino Evil-Zach & 66 go undercover in a Casino run by Kaos agent Mr.Monte. Mr.Monte it seems robs rich people of all their possessions by fixing the games.

Goodbye Ms.Chip-66 is put under control by a Kaos agent known as The Brain.Who uses brain implants on 66 & laboratory animals.66 attempts to assassinate African President Mazabuka under Brain's control.

Wurst Enemies-Zach's girlfriend Jessica winds up to be Siegfried's daughter.Luring Zach into a trap at a lighthouse, Siegfried orders Max to come to the lighthouse where Siegfried unveils his newest plot.To launch a missile at the city where the greatests minds in America are.(Well, at least Washington is safe.)