1st Season 65-66

1) Mr. Big
The pilot episode. Mr. Big, a Kaos agent who is a dwarf, asks Control to pay $100,000,000 or he'll use his Inthermo Ray. This episode was shot like most pilots back then, in black & white.

2)Diplomat's Daughter
One of my favorite episodes because it introduces my favorite character...ME. CRAW...NOT CRAW!!!! In this episode, Max protects Princess Ingrid.

3)School Days
Max, Fang & 99 go undercover to find who's infiltrated the Control Spy School.

4)Our Man in Toyland
Kaos is using toy dolls with pull strings to smuggle their secrets.

5)Now You See Him, Now You Don't
Kaos' Dr.Haskell tries to fool Control with a fake invisibility ray gun.

6)Washington 4, Indians 3
A group of indians (American) demand their lands back or else they will fire their secret weapon (a giant arrow). They fire it & it lands in the White House, becoming a display.

7)KAOS in Control
Kaos uses the retro-gresser gun which changes adult minds into child-like ones.

8)The Day Smart Turned Chicken
Kaos tries to make Max look crazy by making him go to a party dressed as a chicken. The problem, it's not a costume party.

9)Satan Place
Harvey Satan kidnapps the Chief.

10)Our Man in Leotards
Immobilo, a Control drug that causes instant paralyses, is stolen by a dance in hopes of stopping a treaty signing.

11)Too Many Chiefs
Max hides a Kaos informer in his apartment. But, Alexi Sebastian, a Kaos master impersonator, makes his way in by disguising himself as the Chief.

12)My Nephew the Spy
Max's Aunt & Uncle show up & ask to see where he works. He takes them to a shoestore (which is his cover) & finds that the shoestore is actually a Kaos front.

13)Aboard the Orient Express
Just as the title says. A mission aboard the Orient Express. And yes,that is Johnny carson as the conductor.

14)Weekend Vampire
Max & 99 disguised as newlyweds, infiltrate Dr. Drago's spooky mansion to find who's causing the deaths of people found with strange puncture marks on their necks.

15)Survival of the Fattest
Max is assigned to protect a Arab ruler from losing weight along with his rulership. Unfortunately, he is kidnapped by the world's strongest woman, Mary Jack Armstrong!

16)Double Agent
Max goes undercover and goes along with Kaos. Until given his first assignment...KILL AGENT 99!

17)Kisses for KAOS
Kaos art dealer Rex Savage uses exploding paintings to blow up embassies.

18)The Dead Spy Scrawls
Max finds Kaos communication center in Mother's Family Pool Hall. Leonard Nemoy plays the pool shark.

19)Back to the Old Drawing Board
Prof. Shotwire unveils the latest Kaos weapon (and a great new character), Hymie the robot! Fortunately, Max reprograms Hymie into a Control agent.

20)All in the Mind
Max pretends to undergo phychiatric treatment to uncover a Kaos plot to get government people to reveal secrets.

21)Dear Diary
Max & everyone else at Control try to find a retiring spy's diary in the Spy's Retirement home

22)Smart, the Assassin
Kaos tries to brainwash Max into killing the cheif using the secret codeword "CHECKMATE" the next time they play chess.

23)I'm Only Human
Fang is retired from control but still uncovers a Kaos Kennel Plot.

24)Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Kaos is secretly bringing pieces of a bomb to a Kaos agent (played by Ted Knight) up on Blue Mist Mountain.

25)The Amazing Harry Hoo
My favorite episode!! It features my second favorite character. Famous detective Harry Hoo (based on Charlie Chan). And it also features.....THE CRAW!! Amazing.

26)Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Control agent and concert musician, Hubert is killed before he can say who is the new Kaos' Mr.Big.

27 & 28)Ship of Spies (2 Parts)
Max & 99 book passage aboard the fright boat, Lucky Star to unearth Kaos newest plan. A mysterious clip-clop is their only clue.

29)Shipment to Beirut
Kaos is changing models into manequins.

30))The Last One in is a Rotten Spy
Max is called to help a mystery woman from the Russian Woman's Swim Team. It winds up being the team's trainer (played by Alice Ghostley).

2nd Season 66-67

31)Anatomy of a Lover
Kaos reprograms Hymie & the Chief wants him dismantled. Instead, Max hides him out in his apartment.

32)Strike While the Agent is Hot
Max is made head of negotiations for the Spy Guild. Then, he gets kidnapped.

33)A Spy for a Spy
Siegfried makes his first appearence as a Kaos magician. Almost all the agents from both Kaos & Control are kidnapped & Max & Siegfried meet to swap them back.

34)The Only Way to Die
Max fakes death to go undercover to foil Kaos newest plot to blow up buildings.

35)Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine
Max pretends he's super safecracker Jimmy Balentine to go undercover.

Max follows 99 to Casablanca.

37)The Decoy
Max is a decoy for Control and is kidnapped for the information that he really doesn't have. Different forms of interrigation are given to him, except torture, in an attempt to get the info.(What,NO TORTURE?)

38)Hoo Done It
Harry Hoo returns in this who-done-it set in a tropical hotel.

39)Rub-a-Dub-Dub...Three Spies in a Sub
Max & 99 are kidnapped aboard a submarine piloted by Siegfried.

40)The Greatest Spy on Earth
Max & 99 go undercover at a circus to find a KAOS diamond smuggling ring.

41)Island of the Darned
Kaos agent Hans Hunter hunts max on his hidden island.

Bronzefinger (aptly named for his bronze thumb) steals art.

43)Perils in a Pet Shop
A talking parrot leads max to a Kaos plot in a pet store.

44)The Whole Tooth and...
Instead of getting caught with secret plans that are hidden in a tooth cap, Max places the cap in a strange man's mouth. Then he finds that the man is being transported to jail. He then has himself arrested to get it back.

45)Kiss of Death
Tracy Dunhill tries to kill Max with poison lipstick.

46)It Takes One to Know One
Kaos uses Octavia, their newest robot to take out Controls top men. Can Hymie resist the female robots charms? Watch and see.

47)Someone Down Here Hates Me
Siegfried put a $250,00 bounty on Max's head.

48)Cutback at CONTROL
Cutbacks at Control almost destroy Control completely.

49)The Mummy
Kaos smuggles their agents into the country disguised as mummys.

50)The Girls From KAOS
Max protects Miss USA.

51)The Man From Yenta
Yenta, Israel's Intelligence Agency sends their Agent 498 to protect Prince Abu-Ben Bubbie. Just the title of this episode is funny enough.

52)Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Max goes undercover to find why buildings are blowing up. There he finds exploding bricks.

53)Where-What-How-Who Am I?
Kaos gives Max amnesia pills so he doesn't blab about their plot to kill a U.S.astronaut.

54)The Expendable Agent
Max protects a British scientist, Prof. Whittaker, in his apartment so he can give his information on a new rocket fuel.

55)How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying
Siegfriend pretends to defect to Control.

56)Appointment in Sahara
Kaos tries to blackmail the world with a nuclear bomb. Vic Tayback (Mel Sharples from Alice himself) appears in this episode.

57)Pussycats Galore
Max & 99 go undercover as German scientists to find why agents are disappearing from the Pussycat Club. Agent Charlie Watkins appears in this episode(VA-VA-VA VOOM!).

58-60)A Man Called Smart(3 Parts)
Kaos blackmails the world by threatening to evaporate the world's water supply.

3rd Season 67-68

61)Viva Smart
Max & 99 go undercover as flamenco dancers.

62)Witness for the Persecution
Mr. Tudbury calls for all Kaos to kill Max before he can testify against him.

63)The Spy Who Met Himself
The league of imposters infiltrates Control with it's Control agent doubles.

64)The Spirit is Willing
Max holds a seance to find information from a dead guy.

65)Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
Cutbacks cause Max to become a private eye. Don Adams dead-on impersonation of Humphrey Bogart is also used in the episodes Casablanca & The Treasure of C. Erroll Madre.

66)Supersonic Boom
Kaos threatens to destroy New York City with a sonic boom machine. They destroy Control headquarters with it to show they're not fooling around.

67)One of Our Olives is Missing
Ozark Annie (played by the great Carrol Burnett) swallows an olive which has secret plans. Max protects her from Kaos.

68)When Good Fellows Get Together
Hymie battles Gropo, Kaos newest robot.

69)Dr. Yes
Max & 99 wind up aboard Dr. Yes' submarine trying to foil his plot to stop missle launches.

70)That Old Gang of Mind
Max goes undercover in Britain as a safecracker.

71)The Mild Ones
Max & 99 go undercover & join a motorcycle gang.

Max is poisoned & in trying to find the antidote, finds Mr. Hercules,( played by John Fielder a television land familiar face & also the voice of Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh cartoons).

73)The Mysterious Dr. T
No, Mr. T didn't go back to school, this Dr. T is actually a Kaos agent who's a little young (the voice of Dr. T might sound familiar. He's the voice of Charlie Brown in the classic Peanuts Christmas special).

74)The King Lives
Max switches spots with the King of Coronia, to which he's the spitting image. Johnny Carson makes his second cameo appearance in a cameo in this episode.

75)The Groovy Guru
The Groovy Guru (played by F-Troop's Larry Storch) plans to take over the country's youth with groovy music. Feature the Cow song.

76 & 77)The Little Black Book
Max's old buddy Sid (played by real life pal Don Rickles) visits Max. He wants to go out for a night on the town. He finds a little black book that is actually a Kaos book of agents. He makes some calls & gets Max & himself in trouble.

78)Don't Look Back
This parody of The Fugitive finds Max wrongfully accused for killing a guard in a bank robbery. It was actually a Kaos double (They have alot don't they?) Milton Berle has a cameo.

79)99 Loses Control
Victor Royale proposes to Agent 99. She accepts & leaves Control. Then Max finds out he's a Kaos agent. Note:I hate when people ask me, "What's 99 real name?". I tell them it was never given. They say "Wrong,it's susan Hilton."(Her name given in this episode) At the end of the episode, it's said this name is only a cover name.

80)The Wax Max
Max accidently gives a Kaos code to a Kaos agent at a carnival & is given a plutonium kewpee doll.

81)Operation Ridiculous
Week News Magazine does a story on Control & Max shows them around. Meanwhile, Kaos is making him look bad.

82)Spy, Spy, Birdie
Albert Pfister (pronounced Fister,the P is silent) wants quiet. To show he means it, he makes silent explosives (Nitrowhisperin). Max & Siegfried join forces to stop him.

83)Run, Robot, Run
Sneed & Neel (a parody of The Avengers characters Steed & Peel) are Kaos agents planning on messing up the Oplympics. It's up to Hymie to enter the Olympics & save the day. I love this episode for 2 reasons. 1: The parody of The Avengers & 2: Hymie's track & field antics.

84)The Hot Line
Kaos calls Control on their hotline. The Kaos agent (played by John Byner)impersonates the president & sends Control on a wild goose chase. Regis Philbin has a cameo.

85)Die, Spy
This parody of I, Spy finds Max & new agent Samuelson as ping pong champions trying to learn about a new spy agency, ACB. Robert Culp even appears in the episode in a hilarious scene.

86)The Reluctant Redhead
Max tries to convert a children's book writer into a Kaos agents wife to get hold of the important Krispin paper's. Caesar Romero appears as Krispin.

4th Season 68-69

87)The Impossible Mission
Max & 99 are undercover as a musician & dancer. When they are trapped at the end, Max proposes to 99. Of course she accepts.

88)Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron
Kaos develops a chemical to destroy all of the crops in America. Siegfried, dressed in Red Baron getup is the crop duster.

89)Closely Watched Planes
People keep disappearing from an airplane. Max & 99 are undercover again to find out why. Note: Shandar the Magician is also the name of Woody Allen's friend from the movie Broadway danny Rose.

90)The Secret of Sam Vittorio
Max & 99 go undercover as Connie & Floyd, two old gangsters with a relationship with dying mobster Sam Vittorio. They try to see if he'll give any information on his deathbed about stolen money he has hidden.

91)Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend
While buying the engagement ring, Max stumbles into the League of Bald Men's diamond robbery plot.

92)The Worst Best Man
All of Max's best men get killed, so Hymie is asked to be best man since he can't be killed. Apparently though, being a robot, Hymie couldn't be Max's best man in the wedding episode.

93)A Tale of Two Tails
99 mistakes 2 training Control agents who are following Max as Kaos agents. Fred Willard is one of the two rookie agents.

94)The Return of the Ancient Mariner
The Chameleon disguised as the Admiral, infiltrates Control & becomes Max's best man.

95)With Love and Twitches
Max must stay standing for 48 hours because he drank a formula for secret plans that will only appear if he does so. Unfortunately, it's only a day before his wedding. Forunately, everything winds up fine & Max & 99 are finally married.

96)The Laser Blazer
Max picks up the newest Control weapon, a blazer that shoots a laser when your hand is placed in it's pocket. Julie Newmar appears as a Kaos agent who is hired by Max as a maid. Also, Leonard Strong (aka. The Craw) appears as well.

97)The Farkas Fracas
Max's nice next door neighbors wind up to be Kaos agents. They are played by Tom Bosley & Alice Ghostly.

98)Temporarily Out of CONTROL
Max & the Chief are called for duty in the Navy.

99)Schwartz's Island
Max & 99 get marooned on Siegfried's artificial island while on their honeymoon. Siegfried has a giant magnet he plans to hold ships with on the island.

100)One Nation Invisible
Max uses an invisioble spray to infiltrate Kaos headquarters. But, the spray doesn't last as long as Max thinks.

101)Hurray for Hollywood
Max & 99 go undercover as actors & find that kaos is using the play's dialogue to pass codes.

102)The Day They Raided the Knights
99 is laid off & works for a stamp redemption center. It winds up the center is a Kaos front to move their new stereophonic pistols. But, not to worry, the guns don't work.

103)Tequila Mockingbird
Max & 99 are sent to Mexico to retrieve the famous Tequila Mockingbird.

104)I Shot 86 Today
Max & 99 take up golf to stop Kaos newest plot.

105)Absorb the Greek
The Chief is dating a young girl who is actually giving him info on a new formula. But, Kaos & Control don't know this.

106)To Sire, With Love (2 Parts)
Max again doubles for the King of Coronia in this 2 parter. James Caan & Don Rickles appear.

107)Shock it to Me
Dr. Zarko (played by Tom Poston) brings Kaos agents back from the dead.

Evil wheelchair bound Leadside vows to kill Maxwell Smart.

109)Greer Window
In this parody of Rear Window, Max gets shot in his rear & while house bound, looks out his window with binoculars & sees some wrong doings. Note: I find it funny that the last 2 episode titles were take offs of a movie & tv show that starred Ramond Burr.

110-112)The Not-So-Great-Escape(3 Parts)
A parody of course of The Great Escape finds Max, Chief & a whole bunch of other Control agents, captured in a POW camp.

5th Season 69-70

113)Pheasant Under Glass
Max tries to rescue Prof. Pheasent from an unbreakable giant glass jar. Cameos by Phyllis Diller & Mission:Impossible's Martin Landau

Ironhand,the new leader of Kaos,tries to steal the plans for a new missile. Billy Barty appears as the informer who knows he's going to get it.

115)Valerie of the Dolls
Max accidently takes a doll with a secret formula in it from a school for expectant fathers.

116)Widow Often Annie
Max is ordered to marry the Black Widow who marries & then kills for insurance.

117)The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
Max goes undercover to find out where gold is buried in this Treasure of Sierra Madre parody. Again, his impersonation of Humphrey Bogart is dead-on. Broderick Crawford appears.

118)Smart Fell on Alabama
Max must break into the plantation of Colonel Kyle K. Kirby and retrieve a code book.

119 & 120)And Baby Makes Four (2 Parts)
Max accidently switches coats with Kaos agent Simon the likeable (played by Jack Gilford). He gets Kaos plans but, he loses his map to the hospital. And now naturally, 99 is goes into labor. 99 gives birth to the twins.

121)Physician Impossible
Max wounds Big Eddie Little, who vows revenge against him. He kidnaps a doctor & nurse to help him recover to act his revenge. But, the doctor & nurse are really our two favorite agents 86 & 99.

122)The Apes of Rath
Kaos is using Jocko, an ape disguised as Control agent Armstrong to kill Control agents. I remember years ago when Get Smart was shown here at 4 o'clock in the morning, I woke my family up laughing so hard at the part when Jocko falls off the building & you hear the Tarzan yell. That part itself clinched it for me, making Get Smart my favorite show.

123)Age Before Duty
Control defector, Felix uses an aging spray against Control.

124)Is This Trip Necessary
Dr.Pym, (played by Vincent Price) adds a chemical to the water supply causing everyone to have nightmares.

125)Ice Station Siegfried
99 & Agent Quigly (played by Bill Dana) are sent to the North Pole to stop Siegfried's giant fan which is freezing the world. Easily the worst episode. It's a little too ridiculous, even for Get Smart. And Bill Dana's Quigley can't hold a candle to Don Adams. He fared better in the theatrical Get Smart film, The Nude Bomb.

126)Moonlighting Becomes You
99 is sent undercover to work Hannibal Day's Radio. Victor Buono plays Hannibal Day.

127 & 128)House of Max(2 Parts)
Wax figures come to life & try to kill 86.

129)Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm
Max & 99 make their way into the home of Hester Van Hooten to retrieve a parcel off her roof. Unfortunately, she doesn't like visitors.

130)The Mess of Adrian Listenger
Max, Chief & Adrian Listenger are the only 3 from a baseball team that haven't been killed...yet. My favorite title in the show, based on the title "The List of Adrian Messenger".

131)Witness for the Execution
Kaos sends the Exterminator to kill a Kaos defector who's planing on testifying.

132)How Green Was My Valet
Max & 99 go undercover as a valet & maid to retrieve stolen rocket fuel. Johnathan Harris appears.(OH DEAR,THE PAIN!).

133)And Only Two Ninety-Nine
Kaos sends a double of 99 to kill Max.

Kaos uses Roman Sweat Baths to administer a truth serum to Control agents, to find secrets.

135)What's It All About, Algie?
Kaos uses plants to spy.

136)Hello Columbus, Goodbye America
Christopher Columbus's descendant Gino (played by the great Vito Scotti) becomes the owner of America. Max has to keep Gino happy and keep KAOS away from Gino. Billy Barty appears.

137)Do I Hear a Vaults
The Chief wants to move the top secret book, "Who's Who in Control" to a bank vault. Max then locks the Chief & Larabee in the vault.

138)I Am Curiously Yellow
The Whip uses a special gong to hypnotize Control.