Angel being made by Darla Angel was first seen in the pilot episode as just some wierd smarty pants. He is a vampire and almost 240 (which is young in vamp years) from Ireland which is kind of wierd considering he doesn't have an accent or anything. He became a vampire after being bit by a vamp named Darla in the early 1700's. He came to the U.S and was luckilly cursed with his soul back after killing a gypsy girl.

After regaining his soul he lurked in the sewers of New York searching for something to go by. Then a streetsmart wiseguy named Whistler showed him the way and he winds up in L.A. There he gets caught by a teenage girl named Buffy and immediately falls in love. Its not her looks or her strength that reels him in but he could see her heart(not literally).

He follows Buffy and her mom to a little town of Sunnydale where her slayer duties live on. He vows to dedicate his life to helping and loving Buffy. Buffy learns of him being a vampire and quickly adjusts. She too falls in love with the vampire and they become a couple.

Their relationship is perfect not counting their opposite titles. Then a turn for the worse occurs. Angels curse states that if he gains true happiness than his soul will be gone. Well, Buffy and Angel made love and this made Angel truly happy. He turned into a bad vampire and almost killed Buffy and all her friends but he did manage to knock off the gang's favorite teacher Mrs. Calender. Buffy had to stab him with a sword and send him to hell.

After summer, Angel returned and him and Buffy reconciled their feelings and became a couple again. They had an excellent relationship, but it was a big year. it was the mayor's ascenesion and Buffy's graduation. This got Joyce, Buffy's mom thinking about Buffy's future and she confronted Angel about what a strain it would be on Buffy's life for them to remain together. So Angel told buffy that they couldn't be together and he moved on to L.A. There him and Cordelia along with a new fellow named Doyle start a Investigationg Company. Read more into this on the Angel series page.

My Thoughts

Angel: Angel, now this is one nice guy, Buffy is so lucky. But, I really hate Angelus alot. When that happened the change it was heart-wreching experience and if Faith destroys his soul I don't think I can watch him go through that again!!! Well I don't have to worry anymore because he'll be leaving Sunnydale and getting his own show.

Angel's song would have to be "Angel" by Sarah Mcclachlan because it reminds me of Angel because it says "In the arms of an Angel shall you find some comfort here" and Angel always comforts Buffy.

Angel's episode would have to be Becoming because it actually explains his past and a lot of things about him.


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