Buffy Anne Summers

Buffy Anne Summers - The Slayer

Buffy Anne Summers was born a perfectly normal girl in Los Angeles. She most likely played with her dolls and things that most little girls do. She lived pretty normal just about to the time she came to High School.

She entered an L.A High School as the fresh-faced popular Buffy Summers, captain of the cheerleading squad. She was a shallow, cliqy type and "Lets just say a girl named Spordelia would have looked like a great philosopher compared to her". Buffy is very Clueless

That all changed once she was notified that she was "The Chosen One" or slayer if you will. She fought off vampires the best that she could but still had emotional problems because of her parents constant fighting. She gained great physical human strength but her slaying scarred her permanent record. She needed a way to kill the vampires and they just happened to be in her school gymnasium. well she had to chose between the gym ad her life and she chose her life.

Her parents divorced and her mom, hoping to make a nice clean start decided to move Buffy and herself to a little suburb called Sunnydale. Little did she know that she was safer in Los Angeles. You see, Sunnydale isn't your ordinary place, it is the mouth of hell. And, it just so happened that the slayers mom unknowing of her daughter's duties decided to move there.

Buffy started out at Sunnydale High School and judging from her looks and outfits she had all the means to make the popular crowd. She is first approached by a ditzy popular queen named Cordelia. She realizes that Cordelia is really mean after the comment "So, Willow I guess you've seen the softer side of Sears". Buffy realizes that she doesn't need to be popular so she befriends Willow, Xander, and Jesse.

Buffy didn't really stop to think of her slaying duties too much and figured they where just left behing in L.A and Sunnydale really would be her "fresh start". Turns out she is approached by a nerdy english librarian with a vampyr book. She realizes she is still "The Chosen One" and soon excepts this weight on her shoulder once again. Why do I have to be the slayer

Buffy goes on normal life risking her life for others and the world. If anybody ever called her selfish she should have the right to kick their butt because she could. Buffy has gone thorugh an awful lot in the fast few years. She gets run over for people and I mean litterally, if she sees a car comin' with someone in the road she doesn't mind getting hit by a car.

She met a good vampire by the name of Angel, they fell deeply in love, he acheived true happiness, turned bad, killed her watchers girlfriend, tryed to kill all her friends, she still loved him on top of that but still sent him to hell. Those are just things to do with Angel, some more things are dying and then being revived, getting kicked out of school, getting kicked out of her own house, having to live in L.A all alone, being helpless with a bloodsucking demon, and the list goes on and on.

Angel came back for awhile and the two fell in love again. Buffy's mom confronted Angel on how Buffy needs to grow normally and live a normal life. Angel realized that she was right because when she is 50 he'll be the same age he is now. So he confronted Buffy and told him it was over for the two. Angel moved to Los Angeles but they promised not to say goodbye so there still may be a future for the two.

My Thoughts

Buffy: Buffy is the coolest person and she is so nice and she really needs Angel because he understands her the most. So maybe she hasn't been tortured for hundreds of years but she does have big problems. If you only watched one episode of Buffy you'd probably say she was grouchy but you need to know the real Buffy to understand her. So I thank she is the heroine for our generation.

Buffy's song would have to be "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor for obvious reasons. Because at first she was scared and petrified of slaying. But now she is practically invinsible (not litterally) and she won't be dieing anytime soon everybody knows that.

Buffy's episode wuld have to be Surprise/Innocence. This incident with Angel losing his soul truly recks Buffy and is the most upsetting event in her life.


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