Faith - The evil Slayer

Faith is the tough cookie slayer sent to replace Kendra after her tragic death. She'd been living away from Sunnydale and her watcher was recently killed by a vamp. She knew of Buffy and then headed off to Sunnydale to find her. There the one she was running from "Kaskistos" followed her and stirred up some trouble but her and Buffy fixed him.

Faith was struggling on her own in a cruddy run-down apartment. She acts like she is the toughest, baddest slayer around but deep inside she is hurting. Probably because everybody she ever knew betrayed her. She hasn't even come to terms yet that she killed an actual human being and tried to throw it on Buffy.

She is just a terrible influence on Buffy but now Buffy learned to resist being a bad girl due to the death that occured. Now Faith is so emotionally troubled that it is her turn to get what she wants no matter what. She went under the workforce of the up to no good mayor. Now she is physically living large in her nice little penthouse her sugar daddy bought for her. But sooner or later her consiounce will get to her.

After joining the mayor in his evil destruction plan, she was stopped when Buffy decided it was time to kill Faith. Buffy gathered up Faith's knife and stabbed Faith in the stomach. Faith fell off a big builcing and landed in a truck that drove away. She was found and was and still is currently in a coma.

The question still remains whether or not Faith will return.

My Thoughts

Faith: I know she isn't pure evil. I know she has a soft spot because she did save Buff's life in Consequences. But, we can't ignore that she turned oin everyone and nearly killed Xander, so that is a major no-no in my book. So Faith I think your evil but you add a special element to the show.

Faith's song would have to be "Faith" by Limp Bizkit (or George Michael) because I don't know why but you just "Gotta have Faith". Limp Bizkit works better because it gives off more of a bad girl Faith.

Faith's episode would have to be Bad Girls because this showed she was mean and bad and cruel but we could see those guilty looks she made when no one was looking.


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