Rupert Giles

Rupert Giles - The Watcher

Rupert Giles was born somewhere in England or you know he is british. He seems presently as a straight-as-an-arrow kind of guy. But that isn't really true. Sure, now he is a librarian but in his teen years he got into quite a bit of trouble. Him and his friends used a mystical power called Eyghon. Him and his friends would direct eachother into one another's bodies.

He got out of this kind of trouble and cleaned up his acts. He soon was working for the Watcher's council. Which is the society that trains watchers and then orders them on how to keep their slayer in tact. He trained many before but none really worked out. About 1997 he got the first slayer that was really working out. Her name is Buffy and she is almost his surrogate daughter.

After being in Sunnydale for a while he was caught by the affections of a nearby colleague of his, Jenny Calender. She was his first and only true love, but it didn't last because she was tragically killed by Angelus whom Giles was enraged at. He still isn't too campasionate to the nice Angel.

He has a fathers love for Buffy and this caused trouble with the coucil, so they fired him after he wouldn't go through with a procedure that put Buffy in harm which was ordered by the coucil.

After being fired he still remained faithful to Buffy and her friends whom help her out. Wesley Whindam Price was sent as her new watcher but he turned out just to be a whiny loser. So Buffy quit working for the coucil and Giles was and still is her one and only faithful watcher.

My Thoughts

Giles: Giles is like kind of the under control guy. He makes sure things don't get out of hand. Also him and Buffy have a good trust relationship that he rarely has to scold her because she knows that whatever he says is mostly the truth and she should abide by him. So overall Giles is a pretty good guy.

Giles's episode would have to be The Dark Age. This is because it really finally explains his past.


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