Oz is a very mysterious and shy person. He is also a werewolf but it really isn't his fault, you see at a family get-together his cousin Jordy bit him. He didn't find out he was a vampire untill he woke up sans clothes in the woods. But just because he is a werewolf doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy. Because he is, infact he is a very quiet guy whom likes to express himself in small phrases.

He is also a very great musician and is in a band called "The Dongoes ate my Babies". While performing he was caught by a girl standing in the crowd. It was at a costume party and she was wearing a frumpy eskimo suit but he didn't care he liked her even though she was a year younger than him. After starting to go out in "Phases" the two have been a really good couple. They did have their bumps like in "Lover's Walk" but they moved past that.

Now Oz is very much in love with Willow and he will get mad if anything tries to harm her. He rarely gets mad but if anything would ever happen to Willow its time to break some vases. Right before Graduation when Oz and Willow thought they might not make it through the acsension they decided to amke love. Now the two are in love even more than before. I see a bright future for the two.

My Thoughts

Oz: Oz is such a nice guy. He would never do anything do harm anyone, well in his human form. Also him and Willow make the perfect couple, isn't that wierd that the actors Alyson and Seth where also going out in "My Stepmother is an Alien".

Oz's episode would have to be Phases. Because this is when he first finds out he is a werewolf.


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